Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marlene Jennings. Why smear one when you can smear them all.

Marlene Jennings, the Liberal MP for Notre-Dame-de-Grace-Lachine expresses some of that well known Liberal love, trust and respect to many in the Canadian civil service in another lame attempt to smear the government.

Marlene Jennings said this: "Mr. Speaker, this whole sad story looks like an attempted cover-up involving Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Public Safety, Transport, the Privy Council, the Prime Minister's Office, CSIS and the RCMP. Why such a cover-up? " source

The Liberals are about only one thing; returning to power, and they smear anyone and stop at nothing in their efforts to regain that power.

In this case Jennings just smeared for political gain 1000's of honest hard working Canadians working in Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Public Safety, Transport, the Privy Council, the Prime Minister's Office, CSIS and the RCMP as corrupt and somehow involved in a cover up to protect the PM and his government. In another recent example the Libs usurped the wishes and trampled on the legal rights of a private company in their attempt to camouflage the true nature of Dion's carbon tax proposal by stealing its name. Not cool for the self proclaimed 'party of the charter' and so called champion of social justice and human rights. But using the name against the wishes of the owner was not enough for the Liberals. When the rightful owner dare not fall in line with what the Liberal Party of Canada wanted they found it in their interests to attack the owner of this company, a private citizen.

Unbelievable, and yet they expect this type of thing will somehow get them voted back into power. Well at least some of their supporters feel that way.

FYI, some more of Jennings antics can be found in these links here, here, and here.


Curls said...

I look at Marlene Jennings and think of one thing, Adscam. Liberals will always be the party of Adscam, until the day I die. Dalton McGuinty should have named his family day, ADSCAM DAY.

Babylonian said...

Out of ALL the liberals in parliament.............she is the only one that reminds me the most as to why I do not vote Liberal, with the Possible exception of Maria Minna.

Anonymous said...

Babylonian: Just remember maria minna, paul martin, Bob Rae etc support the Tamil-ltte-tigers.
The MSM will sooner see you in hell first before they ever accuse the liberals of stealing from the public, Jennifer Wright's own company's name 'GREEN SHIFT'
The MSM CBC CTV have lost all respect for their profession. They have reached the point where no one believes what they say or write.