Thursday, January 25, 2007

They spin away, but do they believe it themselves?

I think this is not spinable, but yet some are trying to do just that.

Reading the spin on this I get the impression that even they don't believe in the words they are writing in defense of Dion's, and who could blame them.


By now everyone is aware of what Stephane Dion had to say about allowing Marc Yvan Coté, banned for LIFE from the Liberal party by Paul Martin for his part in adscam, back into the party. Saying that Cote's punishment was "exaggerated,'' and that he'd "recognized his mistakes." and suggesting that he shouldn't be penalized for life.

Here is one such "mistake." During the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal, Cote testified that he received $120,000 in $100 bills from the executive director of the party's Quebec wing. He distributed that money to 12 Liberal candidates in the 1997 federal election.

Unbelievable, and Dion was not alone on this as Montreal MP Marlene Jennings said "I think that Mr. Dion is right,'' while speaking with reporters adding "There are people we would like to see back in the party." and Montreal MP Denis Coderre echoed Dion’s sentiments.

For this classic display of not only leadership, but of political instincts by Stephane Dion, I would like to nominate this for inclusion to the top 10 list of the Greatest Canadian Political Blunders of all time.

Yea or Nay?


Oh and before I get a comment about not under-estimating Dion, let me reply by saying that Liberals should not under-estimate Dion's ability to put his foot in his mouth. That is but the opinion of an "easy money" loving Albertan who does not want to be milked by some alleged academic.


Tony said...

As I said before in a previous post, Stephane Dion has a problem of not thinking before opening his mouth. He has a propensity to make gaffes whenever he makes a statement and this is embarrassing for a Federal Party leader.

Does he not remember that the Ad Scam caused his party to lose a lot of support from Quebec and other provinces in the last Federal election?

At a time when Liberal support was surging in Quebec, this action has the potential to stem the tide and cause it to go to the Tories at the expense of the Liberal Party.

If Dion continues to make blunders like this, the Conservatives will be able to sit back and easily win the next Federal Elections.

gimbol said...

Why doesn't Dion come clean and tell us which 12 candidates got the dirty money?

Who is he protecting?

Alberta Girl said...

I am sure that every editor and story writer is rolling their eyes as they try to think up new ways to "spin" the idiotic things this man says.

Oh well - at least they won't be bored.

Ardvark said...

Dion and his spin doctors are saying today that nobody has asked to be returned to the party and that it is not his decision.

My reply: But if they were asking to return and it was his decision, Dion would let them come back. He has said as much as had Jennings and Coderre.

Where that money went is a question I also want answered, but I have my doubts that anyone from the MSM will ask it of Dion. I guess we will have to wait for Gilles Duceppe to ask it again during the debates.