Thursday, January 11, 2007

Campaign of Fear ™

Just a little reminder of what the Liberals are capable of.

update: youtube has pulled the video below. I guess CBC lawyers claimed copyright and had it pulled. A question though, how can CBC air a Liberal copyright ad themselves and
now claim copyright on something that is essentially someone else's material?

Anyway here is a link to watch the infamous ad


William E. Demers said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha... Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Nasty. Liberals hate the military.

wilson61 said...

That attack ad is so American style.
I hope the US gurus advise them again in the next election campaign.

Ardvark said...

But the Liberals don't like 'American style' anything, so the chance of having some American guru advise them would probably be very slim. Just ask Howard Dean or James Carville

bert said...

dO YOU THINK THEY WILL RUN THIS AD AGAIN.I like it,it makes me feel safe.