Friday, January 05, 2007

Country over politics, it is just so un-Liberal

Some quotes dealing with todays top story from Ontario MP Wajid Khan, who is leaving the Liberals to join the Tories.

"When I'm given a choice … between a political party and my country, I will always choose Canada and that's why I chose the Conservative government."

"The best leader for Canada is the man who now has the job, Mr. Harper."

Ouch, poor Stephane never knew what hit him.


Joanne said...

This could be what Malcolm Gladwell refers to as "The Tipping Point".

It changes the whole dynamics of both the election threat and the balance of power in parliament. Jack Layton may now be back in the "King-maker" seat.

Ardvark said...

I had not noticed the numbers before your comment, but you are indeed correct.

With the drop in the polls for the NDP I think Jack will support the government for a short time so that Canadians can see Dion in action (or rather in in-action) and realize that Dion has nothing for policy other than opposing what the CPC is doing until the NDP poll numbers grow.