Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scott Reid and your tax dollars at work

Scott Reid speaker of the famous "beer and popcorn'' and "Alberta can blow me" comments has taken his turn at that which is taken for granted by all liberals, the public trough. Reid got himself into some legal trouble and looks to be again sticking it to Canadians by having tax payers pay his legal bills in a libel suit with onetime Chretien aide Warren Kinsella for calling him a liar over comments Kinsella made about Finance Department contracts under Martin.

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Can someone explain to me why the taxpayers of this country are having to pay the legal bills of some unelected Liberal hack? It is one thing for government to have to pay lawyers fees for elected representatives if they run into trouble for something done while on the job (this is also not necessarily a good thing) but this guy was just a civil servant working for Paul Martin as an aide and was never elected to anything.

I really would like an answer to this, as I am sure that the same privilege does not extend to all federal employees in matters of libel.


ht/ Clive at the Doggerel Party of Canada


greyburr said...

I think Reid & Warfrin have figured out another way to 'mis-appropriate'taxdollars to the LPC.
Another question begs,that if there is to be a settlement,presumably by Reid,who pays?Let me take a wild guess,could it be the taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

"fees for his lawyer, prominent litigator Harvey Strosberg, are being reimbursed by the federal government."

Strosberg - best friend to then Health Minister Allan Rock - was appointed by Rock to represent HepC Victims (not by the victims.

As a good Liberal he cleared millions of dollars in fees from the compensation plan without doing any work (except being Rock's buddy).

The story says that "Strosberg, (who) was part of a legal team that negotiated a $1.5-billion compensation package for victims of tainted blood in the late 1990s.

Bullshit. He started a class action suit, did nothing until the victims group had the gov by the throat and then was appointed by his buddy so he could get a fat cheque.

Liberals still steal from the public, even when they're not in power.

Anonymous said...

And all the beer and popcorn crowd that Scott Reid put down, will be paying his bills. Sounds like a bratty teenager doesn't he?