Monday, January 29, 2007

David McGuinty and the poison called water vapor

Liberal Environmental critic David McGuinty in just his first day on the job has already shown that he has no clue as to what he is 'speaking about'.

This from question period today, January 29th, 2007.

David McGuinty (Ottawa South, Lib.)

..."Will the minister act now and not wait for a so-called clean air act and declare greenhouse gases to be toxic and strictly cap all of these emissions in Canada immediately?"

Does this guy think before he speaks, or does he really want to declare water vapor as a toxin?

More from McGuinty today as the Liberals are in no hurry to "get it done". Story here or here
as they continue to play politics with the issue that 'concerns' them the most.


Anonymous said...

Last Year through an order in council, the Martin Liberals already declared CO2 to be "toxic".

Jay said...

Excessive trapped heat will increase water vapor to levels that are not naturally in the atmosphere. It doesn't take a genius to realize a steamy washroom is hotter than a none steamy one. Its because water vapour traps heat. If you believe otherwise you probably also believe CO2 is a "gas of life" as well.

A second concerning problem is that if the water is in the air, there is less on the ground. Connect the dots. What do we need water for?

Ever notice how prolonged hot weather leads to droughts?

Not understanding the science is not going to solve any problems.

Jay said...

If you need proof that CO2 is not good for you in high quantities, lock yourslef in an air tight room and see how long you last. Your blood chenmistry has the same mixture of gases as the atmosphere. If you increase any of them it reduces the others. More CO2 in the air means more CO2 in your blood which in high quantities will make you anemic as it will displace the good gases you need to survive.

hunter said...

Lock yourself in an air tight room with a plant, you should be okay!

Climate change is happening, but at this point the environmentalists are coming across as "heretics" bowing down to the God called "Kyoto". Well, I'm not buying it. Y2Kyoto is a money grab plain and simple.

I'm all for getting rid of pollutants, those I can smell.

Anonymous said...

Um there's a name for water vapour when it's in the air. It's called clouds. They also block the sun, stopping any more warming. This is the self regulating cycle of the earth that's gone on for millions of years.

"A second concerning problem is that if the water is in the air, there is less on the ground. Connect the dots. What do we need water for?"

Ever heard of rain?

"Not understanding the science is not going to solve any problems."


Ardvark said...

Jay, it is all a balance, and the environment requires these 'so called greenhouse gases' to function.

To call them "toxic" is being deceitful; unless it was just an attempt to look smart without knowing the science. Either way it wasn't good on McGuinty.


Jay said...

It requires some water vapour, but the problem is at it heats up you get more than normal contributing to further warmth, and more vapour. Its a feedback lop that once you break it spirals out of control.

I do know the science btw. I have a Bachelors degree and a masters in the area and have worked in the field since 1998.

So I ask you all, what are your credentilas besides the ability to read propaganda sites?

McGuinty made a perfectly good point, he referred to GHG, It was you who connected it to wikipedia's entry on it.

There needs to be a balance. The planet has checks and balances for status quo. Any changes and it spirals out of control. Right now, we have tipped that balance. Controlling the GHG is meant to prevent it from becoming catastrophic.

Go ahead with the plant in a sealed room. I dare you. One plant won't save you.

It only rains when warm vapour hits cooler air. If the air isn't cool enough, no rain.

Like I said, you need to understand the science, plain and simple. Gut feeling don't work.

Ardvark said...

He called green house gases toxic.

Now in all honesty do you think that his statement is correct?

Of course too much of anything (including oxygen) is bad and they all play off of each other in our environment, but a blanket 'GHG are toxic' is just as stupid as saying that GHGs have NO effect on the environment. Both are wrong and both are extreme positions that do nothing to help the problems.

Since you were in the insulting mood and labeled everyone as dumb, propaganda reading idiots with no education, I have a question for you.

Please tell me oh great and wise one with the credentials. How the hell does CO2 make you anemic? It does not cause a blood loss, nor does it cause a decrease in Hgb, which is the definition of anemia.

Were you intending to use the term hypoxic, meaning the lack of O2 due to any number of causes, instead of anemic?

Nah, you smart people wouldn't make a mistake like that after claiming intellectual superiority as it wouldn't look good.

Anonymous said...

"It only rains when warm vapour hits cooler air. If the air isn't cool enough, no rain."

The air is always going to be cooler at night than the groung temperature so rain is inevitable.