Thursday, February 01, 2007

Changing spots

Iggy serves one right up the middle of the plate with this one.

The reality is people are prisoners of their past beliefs
,'' said Michael Ignatieff, the party's deputy leader.

"This is a man with ideological opposition to the scientific reality of climate change. Now if that's the case, it's very difficult for this old leopard to change his spots."


So Mr. I support both torture and the war in Iraq, how can you now be the deputy for a man who not only voted against same sex marriage but was a self admitted separatist?

Will some member of the press please stick a microphone in this guys face and ask him how his above statement fits with what Dion has done in his past? The entertainment value of watching Iggy spin would be well worth the effort.

People change, and to deny that this is the case is pure BS

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