Saturday, February 10, 2007

A couple of things

The Prime Minister does what is right again and stands up for Canadian values. No doubt the Liberals will twist themselves in knots trying to spin away what the PM is doing, but for the average Canadian watching from the sidelines, this just continues to showcase the leadership abilities of the PM. Putting values before politics; is that not what we want a PM to do?

And from the left another article on Stephane Dions leadership, and how Stephen Harper's past successes can give some hope for Liberals that Dion will grow into the job. Not wanting to be picky here, but in the 'battle of Steve's' there really is no comparison as to which one has the skills. Dion only has his job thanks to some fine political maneuvering between the 3rd and 4th place candidates at the convention, and the fact the real contenders to the title didn't even enter the race. Same article online here ( The Star links go dead after some time)
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A Quantum Liberal said...

Lol, isn't awful that Dion, with his effete handshake, poor english and weak leadership skills is the next PM of Canada?

With a budget surplus, a Liberal scandal and twice he cash, after losing to this wuss, Harper will be known as the worst political leader in CAnadian history!


hunter said...

Even my Liberal parents are impressed with PM Harper, and disgusted with Dion as a leader. I use them as a barometer of what average Liberals are thinking, and it's not pretty for Dion et al.

W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...
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W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Canadians got a good look at Liberal values during the Gomery inquest into Adscam. Apparently when Liberal say they represent "Canadian values" they assume kleptomania and greed are core national values.

Don't look for this lot of unrepentant pathalogical liars and kleptocrats to be returned to a position of trust any time soon.... because from the mewling Dijon has done in the past month, they have learned absolutely nothing from their time in the political limbo voters ascribed to the theiving liars.

People see on a daily basis that sticking a mumbling, confused buffoon's head on a serpant does not change the nature of the serpant.

Ardvark said...

Second thoughts, lingering doubts, terrible mistake; these are just some of the things that Liberals are saying about Dion becoming leader. It is much more common than some of our liberal friends want to admit, and only the kool aid crowd will deny that it is true.