Sunday, February 25, 2007

Garth contradicts his new boss.

Who is telling the truth?

While I was checking out Garth Turners blog this morning I noticed a reply that he made in response to a readers comment about Bob Rae writing Liberal campaign policy. (Source, see the first comment)

Readers comment snipped for brevity ..."The Liberals at this time do not have a platform. It is being written by Maurice Strong’s nephew, and PowerCorp VP John Rae’s brother - former NDP Bob Rae as I understand it....Because the Conservatives had already brainstormed their election platform which you endorsed by running under it you did not like the fact that you were not part of it at that time.
Is this fair comment?"

Garth's reply:
"No, it is wrong. First, the Liberal platform is being written now by elected people. I know, for obvious reasons. Second, the Con platform is already written, and your MP has diddly to say about it. This I also know. — Garth''

Liberal Party press release: December 19, 2006 TORONTO – Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion announced today that fellow former leadership candidate Bob Rae will be Co-chair of the Election Policy Platform Committee for the Liberal Party of Canada ...

Another Liberal Press release:
...Leadership race runner-up Michael Ignatieff will serve as the Liberals’ Deputy Leader, bringing his wealth of knowledge and strong policy background, while fellow leadership candidates Bob Rae and Scott Brison will be in charge of developing the Liberal Party platform for the next election campaign.

Last time I checked, Bob Rae was not currently elected, but Garth does seem to be very sure of himself as he added this part to his comment " I know, for obvious reasons" , so what are the possible reasons for such a statement:

Maybe Bob Rae is on his way out because he opposes Dion's position on the anti terror legislation? Maybe Dion lied to Canadians about Rae's position in the party? Or just maybe Garth is just an idiot and has no clue what he is speaking about? Either way it looks like Garth is up to his old tricks again.



Anonymous said...

Good comment AA.
One thing that Garth doesn't like or accept very well and that is criticism, in fact he has put into frequent practise censorship of posts that are too harshly critical of him. In some instances he has out and out barred an individual from posting anything.
This is particularly galling considering that he used to brag about his blog practising "Digital Democracy". Well Garth has yet to explain what part of democracy it is that has allows for political. He hasn't named his new practice but it should be "Garth Turner's Digital Censorship".

Cool Blue said...

The thing is, you're both kinda right.

Garth is being a little disingenuous to suggest that your wrong by trying to hide the fact that unelected Bob Rae is in charge of writing the platform, however, it is my understanding that Bob Rae has tasked various Liberal MPs with the job of developing policies according to the subject that they're assigned.

Anonymous said...

How I see it: would you let Rae write policy? They had to give him a title to make him feel important after leadership rejection. His brother is writing it aka POWER CORP. control of LPC which we all know is complete.

Garth can't tell the truth and he is lying obviously. The story does mention Bryson as writing policy so I assume Garth used him as his 'out' so to speak on the response, also knowing that Bryson has no real input either.
(real conservative)

RepoCreepo said...

SMILE... Youve been linked!

Good stuff