Sunday, February 18, 2007

From the Anthill : February 18th, 2007

Time for a catch up post on recent events.

Why all the fuss about Liberal appointed CDS General Hillier bringing up the "decade of darkness" again?

This is not the first time he has used that line in a speech, it is the truth (Liberals all failed history), and just a few months ago PM Harper was being accused of muzzling Gen. Hillier and now when the General speaks out, it becomes another Liberal created imaginary crisis which they would solve if only they were back in power. For heavens sake, please think of Susan Delacourt and her laying awake at nights thinking about those soldiers with guns in our streets, and have some compassion.

Thanks Denis Coderre; you have brought forward a quote by the general that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and not only exposed your partys, as well as your own weaknesses on this issue, but have given the Conservatives a big boost in one of their bread and butter issues. Some free advice for the Liberals:All the spin in the world won't ever make the Liberals look like they are friends of the Canadian Military, that horse left the barn long ago.


Speaking of Denis Coderre; he is but one Liberal who sits on the HUMA Committee, which is dealing with the Bloc Quebecois sponsored Bill C-257. This nightmare of a bill has a chance of passing if enough Liberals support it. I would normally not be worried about such a flawed piece of legislation passing because the Liberals have twice voted down similar legislation in the past, but watching Dion flip flop from old Liberal positions and ideas to those of the far left, I am beginning to become a bit more concerned.

My original post on 257.

The NCC has some good stuff up as well.

Dion looks to be flip flopping on the Liberals own anti terror legislation, which is causing some degree of problems among the few Liberals left who are not totally Left. I don't agree with Anne McLellan often, but in this case I agree that she is correct when she said this:
"After 9/11, we did not actually believe we were going to have to deal with homegrown terrorists." "The situation today is, if anything, more dangerous and more complex and the powers have never been abused, so why would you take these tools away from law enforcement?"

Do not forget that Dion himself voted for this legislation in 2001. Leadership at work, Dion style.


Opposition parties pushed through legislation on Wednesday that requires the Conservative government to respect Canada's commitments under the Kyoto accord. There is just so much wrong with this legislation that I am astounded that Dion could think that Canadians stupid enough to buy into this cheap political trick.

I may be wrong, but I have not seen 1 single MSM organization that supported this move by Dion, as the reality of the situation makes the legislation all but impossible to accomplish (something which Dion HAS admitted himself in the past). This is but one example from the Toronto Star, which judging from the negative stories they have been writing about Mr.Dion lately, that I am beginning to get them confused with the Toronto Sun.
"There is a widespread consensus – stretching way beyond Conservative ranks – that Canada cannot even come close to meeting its Kyoto greenhouse emission reduction objectives in time for the 2012 deadline without launching a major offensive against the energy industries of provinces such as Alberta, and/or inflicting a crippling hit to the already flagging auto industry in Ontario, and/or diverting a debilitating amount of federal resources to a single cause."

Dion puts another nail in his political coffin and Iggy, Rae, Manley and perhaps a few others are probably out buying new black suits in anticipation of the funeral.


Anonymous said...

Harper is the Wartime leader we need to lead us in the War on Terror.
Dion is Soft on Terror

Anonymous said...

Sorry to split hairs, but Gen Hillier is the CDS not CDF as you have stated in your post. CDS-Chief of the Defence Staff.

Anonymous said...

Most conservatives are complaining that Hillier should have said 'decades of darkness' instead.
(real conservative)

Ardvark said...

Anon #1, I have seen 'you' post this same comment on at least 5 other blogs,and the comment looks just as over the top on my blog as it did on all of the others.Are you perhaps missing a bridge to live under?

Anon #2, you are of course correct and it is a typo. (fixed)

Also I am sorry for posting this entry into the future, it would seem that I had my AM and PM mixed up and it was not intentional.Just one of the many hazards of late night blogging.