Friday, February 09, 2007

The Liberals can't even get it done in opposition, and other thoughts.

My blogging has been light this week, and I missed commenting on many news items, including the big Garth story (which I will comment on later in this post), because for most of this week I have been working to not only support my family, but also as a result of that hard work, I get to send a nice chunk of those earnings to Ottawa in taxes.

So speaking as a taxpayer, I feel that I am not getting my monies worth from the Liberal Party.

Yes they are the opposition, and I get it, but if they really are so concerned with the environment, senate reform, crime, or just about everything else they claim to be concerned with, why are the Liberals using every type of delay or stall tactic available to hold up the government from getting anything done? Just look to the Liberal dominated Senate taking 255 days with Bill S4, which sets term limits on Senators, and think back to how that same Senate handled the accountability act ,which was conveniently delayed until after the Liberal convention, as examples of not only delay but also as examples of how they are deliberately wasting our tax dollars with this nonsense.

They wasted our money while they were in power, and now they are doing it in opposition all the while claiming to be concerned with _____________________. -----Insert issue here, the Libs support 'em all.


Ardvark's smack down of the week award goes to my MP, Mike Lake. Read it @ Hansard here

"Mr. Speaker, I want to take this opportunity to address an inconvenient truth, not the movie but rather the inconvenient truth about the opposition leader's record on the environment.

The previous Liberal government talked a good game when it came to the environment but the truth is that in 13 years it did not get it done.

Under the Liberals' watch, greenhouse gas emissions rose to an astonishing 35% above Canada's Kyoto targets. Under their watch, Canada slid to 28 out of 29 OECD countries in air quality rankings. Under their watch, Canada set records for the number of smog advisory days in our cities.

Canadians are demanding action and finally getting it from a new Conservative government that in just one year has established a reputation for action on the issues most important to the people we represent.

Wearing a green scarf does not make the Liberal leader an environmental champion any more than wearing a blue and white jersey and a foam finger makes a 40 year old with a beer gut the captain of the Maple Leafs.

As for the opposition leader's now famous dog named Kyoto, my seven year old daughter could name every one of her stuffed animals A-plus but she would still have to take responsibility if she earned an F on her report card."

To top it off, this was the last statement before Stephane Dion started off oral questions.


The name Mark Holland is now as well known in Alberta as that of Stephane Dion; so for you Liberals out there who figured that his little mistake would be forgotten soon, send out our western homeboy Gerrard Kennedy to run out here, and we will show you how we really feel.


Champion of 'social justice' Dion, leader of the 'party of the charter', may bar men from seeking nomination for the LPC. Remember kids, it is not discrimination if Liberals do it. Some Libloggers agree that it is not a good idea for obvious reasons.


Question of the day: Did all Liberals fail history, or is it more of a short term memory loss thing?


And last but not least, Garth Turner joins the Liberals.

To quote the secret memo from PM Harper's office on this subject, " Hahahahahaha, hahahahaha!!

Almost everything this guy has ever claimed to believe in has been the polar opposite of Liberal Party policy, and now he joins them; priceless.

The thought of Belinda, Bob Rae, and Garth Turner working together for the cause of Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party of Canada makes me laugh, not because it is just so preposterous in appearance, but because all of them would be happier if Dion was gone and they could be in charge.


Hatrock said...

Atta go Mikey Lake!

Ard, your blog is now regular daily reading for me. Care to return the gesture?

RepoCreepo said...

Garth says hes never put any Conservative party logo on anything hes sent out … proof at

Garth has more contradictions and called another person who went from PC to Liberal a flip flopper…

ALSO Garths fundraising link off his site disappeared the day he joined the Liberals… odd isnt it? Its not about the money eh?

Ardvark said...

I have to update my links when I get another day off, consider yourself added hatrock.

RC, keep up the good work on the Garth file. This move is so transparent even your average Liberal can see it for what it is. His own constituents will get their chance to toss this clown out soon enough.