Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are the blinders off?

Is it just me, or are MSM stories about Dion's lack of leadership/political skills becoming an almost daily occurrence? We on the right have always known that Dion was lacking, but seeing this type of sentiment is now coming from much of the MSM, I think Mr. Dion may want to start work on a knife registry program soon for his own protection. Those Liberal brand knifes hurt when stuck in your back.

Have the blinders come off, or is it more of a case that the MSM can no longer cover for or attempt to speak for Dion when public opinion seems to be in agreement on how well he is doing in his leadership roll.

The honeymoon is indeed over; time to re-write some history to prop up support for Dion, or as Cherniak likes to call it an "artistic licence"[sic] with reality.


Alberta Girl said...

The ads didn't work, huh.....

Once the cat was out of the bag so to speak, the MSM had no choice but to start to write about the guy and his faults, otherwise their bias would have been so blatant that the ordinary Canadian on the street would have smelled the stink.

Ontario Lad said...

And now under Dion's wing, his MPs are starting to make total fools of themselves in the HOC. Marlene Jennings, are you listening? This video says it all -


wilson61 said...

MSM is worried about Tory TV. PMSH can shoot right over their heads come election time (or any time) and get full coverage of a clear message.
It's not so much that the blinders are off, as they are trying to stay relevent, and keep their jobs.
They have lost the media war (and chances at a Senate seat) to PMSH, and know it.
Are we seeing the re-birth of critical journalism?

Ardvark said...

It is hard to write glowing stories about Dion when you know that the people who are reading those stories do not hold that same opinion.