Sunday, January 25, 2015

Open Nominations. Edmonton Mill Woods Edition.

Varinder Bhuller, the candidate who already was green-lighted for the Liberal Party of Canada's nomination in Edmonton Mill Woods dropped a bombshell right in Justin Trudeau's lap with his latest Facebook post  

(Highlighting mine) "I received my Green Light from the party in March 2014 and I was promised that there would be a nomination prior to Edmonton’s Sikh Parade in May 2014 so that I could campaign as a candidate there. In April 2014, however, I found out that Councillor Sohi came into the picture, and since then everything has stalled on the nomination front. Various party officials met with me in May, June and August 2014, pressuring me to withdraw my name in favour of Councillor Sohi so he wouldn’t need to contest a nomination. They tried to bribe me, threaten me and ultimately expired all my memberships by delaying the nomination beyond December 31, 2014 in the hope that our team would not renew their memberships. Once they noticed that a large number of members had started renewing their memberships, the party used their last weapon to revoke my Green Light by accusing me of membership infractions. This is only the second case in all of Canada where the Liberal Party has gone out and cancelled a candidate’s Green Light. Coincidentally, the other one was also in a riding where their preferred candidate (General Andrew Leslie) was at risk of losing in a nomination."

We all, and I mean everyone, already knows that Justin's pledge of open nominations is a joke and this just adds to the long list of other examples of the nominations being anything but open, but this one is a bit different in that it alleges that the LPC tried to "bribe me and threaten me"; both illegal acts. So far I have not seen any media on this but as they say, stay tuned because this one is going to cause some trouble.