Friday, January 19, 2007

Dion out of the loop?

So now that the secret meeting that the CBC 'broke' in their story has been exposed as not so much of a secret and that it was the Martin government and NOT the Harper government that set up the meeting up with the evil Americans; the lib bloggers have changed their tune a bit on the subject. (one actually deleted his post entirely on the topic. Note to self take screen shots)

There is however a question that has now been raised about the subject, and that is why didn't Environment Minister Stephane Dion know anything about a meeting to potentially increase the oil sands output by 5 times? If the environment was such a priority for the Liberals as Dion continues to claim, you would think the subject might have been brought up at some time. Maybe his new finance critic John McCallum, the natural resource minister at the time could help explain what happened and why he kept Dion out of the loop.

Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, because too much CO2 is not good for you.


Backseat Blogger said...

Names! We want names!

Who deleted their post?

Anonymous said...

Next QP should be interesting to watch as the other opposition parties (read:NDP Pat Martin) feed the government questions (read: Baird) that allow a response that points the finger at both Dion and McCallum.