Saturday, March 31, 2007

Driving supporters Away.

Censorship, strong arm tactics, general stupidity, and cover up. What a great week it must have been to be a supporter of the Dion led Liberal Party of Canada.

The Mark ( consequences) Holland and Marlene (Let Marc Yvan Coté back into the LPC) Jennings saga continues as the Liberal Party (the only ones who can claim copyright on the video) had a video removed for copyright violations from youtube. The video shed some much needed light on those famous boxes the Liberals had somehow 'acquired' and kept for the last 14 months. While they had these boxes in their possession some Liberals also decided that it would be a good idea to look at what was inside those boxes and have some of the information copied.

WTF is going on within the Liberal Party of Canada? Or perhaps a better question would be how the hell can anyone still support these clowns?

Come on all you Liberal supporters and bloggers out there; please try to make a case for having Liberal staffers not only sort through, but also copy some of this private information while they kept these boxes in their possession over the last 14 months. Please feel free to add to this already pathetic display of how Dion's Liberals operate, because so far the silence on this, as well as the incident yesterday at a Dion news scrum where the Liberals had a couple of CPC staffers removed from a PUBLIC area by HOC security staff, has been deafening.

Is it any wonder that Liberal support is heading south if even the Kool-Aid™ crowd of hardcore Libs are silent on these stories; what do you think the thoughts of the public are about what is going on in the LPC?

I am betting there are many liberals out there right now having some very deep thoughts about the reasons they continue to support the LPC, and as I noted yesterday, it must be getting hard to look into the mirror for those that try to spin kind of crap.



Ardvark said...

Just clearing away the tumble weeds from the empty comment section. Carry on.


hunter said...

Very good summary of some of the Liberal blunders lately. Funny how all is quiet about these in the MSM.