Sunday, March 18, 2007

Liblogs power trip?

It seems that our friend Jason Cherniak has taken exception to audaciousontology posting the latest NDP ads up on their blog and has decided to do what was best for everyone. In a display of that famed Liberal tolerance and social justice, Jason has banned the blog from the Liblogs roll.

Is anyone really surprised?


A small update: March 19th. More Liberal bloggers leaving Liblogs.

Jason responds, but not on his blog. Catnip snaps. Plenty of links is both of these to keep you busy and up to date on this topic.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another edition of 'As the Cherniak Turns'. Same Liberal time, same Liberal station.


janfromthebruce said...

Only tolence for all things liberally labelled.

robedger said...

I'm not defending the decision because I don't agree with it, but I should point out that your Blogging Tories Blogroll would do the same thing.

Matt said...

Have anything to back that up Rob? I've not only posted commercials from the NDP and Liberals on my blog, I've also completely endorsed some of their policy and heavily criticized the CPC for some of theirs. I've heard nothing from Stephen or Craig about anything of that nature.

Of course, you would never say something that was factually incorrect or which you knew nothing about, right Rob?

mmhmm, alright then.

robedger said...

Have anything to back that up Rob?

Gin & Tonic was booted after criticizing the Tories.

Garth Turner was also booted after he was booted from caucus.

There may have been others, those are just the first two that come to mind.

Of course, you would never say something that was factually incorrect or which you knew nothing about, right Matt?

mmhmm, alright then.

Ardvark said...

Rob, look back just 2 posts of mine to see the NDP ads (First up on the BT blogroll I might add and linked to by a couple of other BT's)

So far I still have my key to the exec washroom, but did notice that it was out of paper!!

robedger said...

Haha. Fair enough. We Liberals know that you guys are in consort with the NDP to try to remove centrist rational discussion from Canadian politics anyways. ;-)

I was referring more to the support for the NDP on the dropped site rather than the posting of the ads. I believe the posting of the ads was one part of the whole thing. The main point was that it was a group blog between an NDPer and a Liberal, and I guess Jason didn't want the NDP person posting on Liblogs.

Again, I totally disagree with the decision and the way it was carried out. I was just noting that the Blogging Tories have also booted blogs which weren't deemed Conservative enough.



Anonymous said...

Cherniak does everyone a favor since he has become a feverish and somewhat hysterical advocate for the Israeli lobby. Next he will be applauding Dershowitz and piling hatred on the head of Norman Finkelstein, one of the few people dealing with the problem who is determinedly rational.
Funny how some people who hotly demand freedom of speech rush to silence speech first chance they get, then denounce their victims. It is often called Stalinism.

Ardvark said...

If memory serves me correct,and I could be wrong on the timing, but I think Garth was on the BT blogroll even while he was an indy. I think the boot came down after he joined the Libs and burned his last bridge over the river Credibility.

Anon, do me a favour and try to stay on topic.

Anonymous said...

Gin & Tonic was not booted for not being conservative enough. She stated in a blog post that she no longer supported the Tories which begs the question, if you no longer support the Tories why would you want to be a part of the BloggingTories?

Neo Conservative said...

"Ardvark said... Catnip snaps."

A good rule of thumb here is... never put anything in an email you wouldn't be prepared to stand up and shout at a public meeting.

So that's what makes this meltdown by Liberal Catnip so hilarious.