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From The Anthill Mar 1, 2007

Lots of things to comment on but not enough time for single posts on each topic; the curse of the middle class working blogger.

The latest poll numbers are out (Angus Reid Decima) , and while I do not put much stock into polls in general, I do not see the Liberal numbers going up in the near future. The Liberals do not get it, but Canadians do.

More free advice from the Ardvark: Once you guys figure out that you lost the election for good reason and that you are not entitled by some kind of divine right to be the government, maybe then Canadians will give you a shot at power. Your performance and actions so far in opposition has been dismal and it constantly reminds voters as to why they voted your Liberal Party out.

It is really that simple, but judging by how the new brain trust over there has been handling things, I do not expect to see results on this very soon.


So, Al Gore buys carbon credits from a company he helped found, and is chairman of?

h/t Promo Christian

I think it is kind of a Boris Karloff thing; making money from scaring people, brilliant!!! An angle that even the great Suzuki has yet to think of, but some others have.

And don't forget to send me that cash! We both will sleep better knowing you did.


Do you think this could be true? A little tease: I think we’ll see Garth pop right back into that National Press Building room he loves to visit every six weeks to announce that Elizabeth May is the only visionary to lead the country in no time!


Diabetes rates are rising in Canada at an alarming rate. Another sign that we are going soft.


Pablo Rodriguez deserves something nice, perhaps a nice muffin or fruit basket. *


It is all over for the Oilers this year; after last years run this is a tough one to take for many fans, but they are fans and will bounce back.

Speaking of the Oilers, why all the fuss about Ryan Smyth being traded? He didn't sign because he didn't get a big enough offer from the Oil, and the tears of a millionaire should not take away the fact that this is business entertainment and it was his choice. Yes I said entertainment; sports is something you play, not watch. ( see the above reference to diabetes)

Besides, anyone old enough to have seen Gretzky get traded, should not get that upset because Smyth left.


It looks like Bill 257, better known as the Bloc sponsored anti-scab bill, might die. There is still plenty of time for Dion to try to pull another 'I am a leader' ploy, so I will just wait for the vote tally before I relax.

And last for tonight I must thank Mr. Pierre Bourque from Bourque Newswatch
as he linked my post on Iggy's sideshow comments on his site. I thought my sitemeter was broken when I looked at then traffic numbers, and the best part is that it didn't cost me a thing =)

* for historical reference.

Update of a few more recent items of interest to myself.

Read the comments on this post from Red Tory as a great example.

Just Right has an angry climate scientist here.

Everybody loves a good smackdown, and Officially Screwed has one up of Marlene Jennings on the receiving end again.

A supporter of Bill 257 has no clue what he is talking about. Telecommunications/ internet service has already been ruled NOT to be an essential service by the CIRB, nor has any airline that I am aware of, so the unions in these areas could easily paralyze the country on a whim and this bill would help them do just that. The bill is so one sided even the Liberals cannot support it in good conscience, and that is saying something.

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