Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Contrasting environment visions. Dion vs. Liberal.ca

Stephane Dion purposes his carbon tax; the so called green shift.

The official LPC website Liberal.ca promotes something a little different.

Is it any wonder why these guys are having such a tough time selling their carbon tax grab to Canadians when their own party website is promoting a radically different policy that is now well over a year old.

Too funny. Over a month has now gone by since Dion went public with the details of his carbon tax and not 1 person over at Liberal.ca even noticed, and perhaps worse yet, not a single Liberal visiting their site bothered to tell them about it. Truly a great show of the true Liberal commitment to the environment vision and support for your own policy, or is that policies?

Blog note:

I am going to be taking a few days off from the blog and spend some time enjoying some of what our short summer has to offer.

Until then, thank you again for reading ,and for all of your comments.



Jen said...

Enjoy your holiday A.A., I too will be going on holidays like you said before summer is over.

If the liberal confusion was taking place in the conservative party, would you hear the MSM mouths rattling away.? Ansewer: LOUD AND CLEAR, 24/7, 7DAYS IN A WEEK ;FOR MONTHS TO COME.

Ardvark said...

Over a week has passed and the Liberal web site is still promoting a different environment plan than Dion is.

And you clowns want to run the country again? Give me a break.