Saturday, July 12, 2008

If there was ever any doubt.....

The Liberals have been very kind to the voters of Canada the last couple of days.

First they have admitted that the tax formally known as "green shift" is not really an environment plan as advertised, but rather a tax grab to pay for their social programs. (Is this like attempt number six now, going back to Chretien's Redbook of 1993, to cure poverty for the Liberals?)

And today with the announcement that Reid Scott was leaving the NDP to join the Liberals and confirming to all what most of us already knew; that the left has completely taken over the LPC.
And with this announcement; the last hopes of the few centrist Liberal supporters they had remaining have been dashed as the reality that the party has totally abandoned the middle ground of the political spectrum is inescapable.

Wow; when a hard core socialist, former CCF member, and former NDP MP jumps ship from the socialist NDP to join the Liberals; you realize just how far gone the Liberals have become since electing Stephane Dion as their leader. I wonder how many Liberals, as they watch their once proud Liberal Party veer hard left, now are regretting that decision ?


maryT said...

Can Jack Layton and wife be far behind. The NDP used the old trojan horse tactic to infiltrate the liberal party. The liberals are going after the ndp leader of Sask. If he should win that would make 3 NDP Premiers leading the liberals. How long before the true liberals say enough is enough, leave and start a new party. The alternative is for them to support the conservatives so liberals will be wiped out in the next election.

Ardvark said...

At one time the Liberal could be considered a middle of the road party. Not any more.