Friday, July 25, 2008

Another day, and more green shift lies revealed

Stephane Dion, July 2,2008: "I won't have to hire a single civil servant" to implement the carbon tax formally known as the green shift.

July 23, 2008 Dion says he will create an"Office of Petroleum Price Information" as part of his green shift proposal.

In other words, Dion is going to hire a civil servant, or more accurately, civil servants. Sigh; why am I not surprised.

And what will this proposed office be doing exactly?

Well according to Gerrard Kennedy:Part of their job will be to see that oil refiners will not pass those new taxes on to the consumer and if they try, part of the money generated from carbon taxes will go to creating a new 'energy ombudsman' to stop 'em in their tracks.

This is interesting considering that Dion himself has already admitted that industry WILL pass on these added costs from the carbon tax onto consumers, and unless the Liberals are planning to introduce a set of draconian laws that would limit what industry can charge for their own products; what Kennedy stated above would not only be completely impossible to do, it would also be illegal.

So unless Kennedy has just accidentally exposed the LPC hidden agenda for us all to see, which I really doubt; he has just proven himself to be just another Liberal spokesman playing fast and loose with the truth in their efforts to con Canadians into believing the green shift is good policy.

Another day, another lie exposed.


potato said...

Didn't McCallum have a column in the National Post recently stating that if the producers didn't pass any of the tax onto consumers then, in fact, Saskatchewan and Alberta will be paying the majority of the tax?

Anonymous said...

This will definitely increase carbon emissions. The media will be up all night with the lights on and the coffee pot on full blast trying to run interference for this bunch of corrupt fools.

gimbol said...

I wonder how long the liberals can keep up this dance.
Whenever somebody asks "who pays" the inevitable response is that its somebody else.
Liberals go west and say oil profits won't be taxed. They go east and say there will be heating rebates for those that depend on oil to heat their home. THey go to the GTA and say "oh no, we won't be putting a tax on gas, and the money from this new tax will help fund more social programs for Toronto.
Still no answer as to who pays the 15 billion.
This is the achilles heel of the liberal carbon (we take your money and give it to somebody else after we get our cut) tax.

Who pays? (Though I understand the liberals have Alberta in their sights, I've never known liberal tax agenda's to have geographic limitations.)

Lets call it what it is, the liberal plan to increase federal incursion into provincial jurisdictions.

Anonymous said...

What makes you believe Dion would hire more civil servants? Harper already increased the size of the civil service by 14%. Surely some of this massive increase could be redirected into the watchdog agency. Perhaps the government could stop giving contracts to CPC bloggers. I'm sure the raft of message control officers that appear to now be required to keep everyone muzzled could be redeployed. If they are unable to function as anything but stonewalls, at least the headcount would be maintained.

Ardvark said...

I guess the Office of Petroleum Price Information is going to be run be green robots and not civil servants.

Dion said he would not have to hire a single person to implement and manage the greens shift, that is a lie.

maryT said...

Can wage and price controls be far behind. Sounds a lot like the trudeau campaign of long ago, no wage and price controls-oh wait, we need them, no tax on gas, oh wait we will increase the amt Joe was talking about, thereby keeping our promise of no .18 cent tax increase. The JC, abolish gst and nafta, oh wait, they are good ideas to get money for brown paper bags. The liberals have a hidden agenda to screw canadians, in all provinces, not just AB and SASK.
If you are a true liberal, don't vote liberal on Sept 8, get rid of dion and his liars and take back your party.