Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More questions that the Liberals will not answer

More questions that the Liberals will not answer. Alternate title: The oil spot was right.

So far the Liberals and their supporters have been keeping a low profile when it comes to answering specific questions regarding the so called Greenshift* plan. They can give plenty of generalizations and they like to talk a good game about how big the hearts of Canadians are, but when it comes down to actual costs of the carbon tax for individuals, business, other levels of government etc, or even with specifics of CO2 reductions targeted or otherwise, the Liberals are awkwardly absent about any of these important details. All the while claiming to anyone with a microphone just how badly they want an honest debate on the carbon tax.

So in the interest of honest debate I offer up yet another simple question to the supporters of Dion's carbon tax.

Can any of you give me a list of things, or even just 1 thing, that will NOT be going up in cost as a result of Dion's carbon tax should it, (insert deity here) forbid, ever be implemented.

This should be an easy one to answer so have at it, but I personally think that the oil spot was correct . This will be a tax on everything.

* it's not enough that the Liberals want to steal your hard earned tax dollars, they stole the name as well.


Anonymous said...

AIR..OOPs i guess i shouldn,t give them ideas.Thats it i think.Oh maybe dog poop.Not sure though but that has a Liberal aroma to it,and they are trying to market it under the guise of Carbon tax.

bert in ottawa

Anonymous said...

Commodities like metals. They are sold on international markets and the price is thus set by world supply and demand. The mining companies will have to pay higher costs for energy but will not be able to pass it on. Many will just go out of business.

wilson said...

Central and Eastern Canada import their oil from OPEC countries, not Western Canada.
Canada imports 40% of it's oil for use in Central and Eastern Canada.

So the East will be buying oil that does NOT have a carbon tax on it, while the West will have.

Will Dion's carbon tax be applied to IMPORTED oil for use in Canada?

Platty said...

Many will just go out of business.

And there, in a nutshell, is the true result of the Shifty Plan™ that Dion and his bearded buddy are trying to sell Canadians on.

Either you screw the consumer or your screwed.

There is no safe middle ground here.

And the lack of any Liberal supporters willing to debate this is very telling indeed.


Randy said...

Wilson, sounds like the same mentality as the "Canadian" wheat board.

Anonymous said...

I thought, initially, that perhaps horseshit used as a natural fertilizer might escape. It seemed an appropriate product since it so neatly meshes with the Liberals pie-in-the-sky schemes. But then, I realized that if the unfrozen road hockey pucks were packaged in a plastic bag the cost of the bag would increase. I decided it could be collected directly from the farm source. However, that would mean driving to a farm which would burn up more taxed gasoline. It then dawned on me that since the farmer would have to pay more to feed the horse that produced the bounty, he might, in turn, have to pass on that additional tax burden.
I guess anonymous has it right...only air won't go up in price unless, of course, you buy the canned variety for blowing the pizza and cracker crumbs from your keyboard.
I give. I concede that the Liberal tax will catch us no matter what we buy...right on down to the horseshit.

maryT said...

Didn't dion say he would tax all imports that did not have a carbon tax on it. Wouldn't that hit the imported oil. Do those easterners know they burn blood oil instead of dirty oil from AB.
And just maybe the police stopped a potential plot to make our oil bloody also. Man stopped outside Fort MacMurray for speeding, reacted badly and drove off. Got caught and surrounded and rcmp found he had a knive, and several explosives in the car. How did he get thru the border. Where was he going and what were his plans. He is from Kentucky. No race mentioned. Have to phone my son up there to find the details.

maryT said...

Correction, it was Sheriffs who caught the guy, not rcmp.

Ardvark said...

Well the Liberal again seem to not be holding up their end of the honest debate, as can be deduced from the lack of response to what should really be a simple question for the supporters of Dion's carbon tax.

Lets look at what we have so far:

Air: Sorry but since we don't pay for it (yet, but give the Libs a chance) the cost increase comparison really cannot be made. Canned air being the exception, TY Powell.

Commodities: At first I thought you may have found something, but I am not so sure. Wheat also is a commodity but if you look at how the much loved (by the Liberals) Canadian Wheat Board have managed to manipulate that market, it leaves me little hope that other commodities will make it out of the carbon tax untouched. Oil too, as Wilson and others have pointed out looks to be getting nailed, or at least some oil is. The Liberals need to explain this more, but judging how they answer other such questions I am not expecting much if anything to be answered.

Poop: LOL, I don't think the Liberals have enough money to pay the tax man if the amount they are shoveling ends up getting caught up in this.

Come on Liberals. Where are you?For a plan that is supposed to make Canadians better off, this thing sure looks like a dud.