Friday, August 22, 2008

McGuinty's Green Ontario

McGuinty's Green Ontario, where they do things greener and better than anyone else and where car pooling is illegal.

The province's Public Vehicles Act states, "No person shall arrange or offer to arrange transportation of passengers by means of a public vehicle operated by another person unless that other person is the holder of an operating licence authorizing that other person to perform the transportation."

Ontario, yours to discover. Just take your own car to do it.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta love them bureaucrats. They have managed to box themselves in with so many picayune regulations that they are like the snake swallowing its own tail. It would do no good to fire them all because they would suck-up to Toronto city council who would hire the whole bunch of them to go out and measure the leaves in Toronto's parks. Bureaucrats are second only to child molesters as the lowest scum on the planet. I'd rather have a child that was a prostitute rather than a child who was a bureaucrat.
Doesn't the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario realize that they are becoming the laughing stocks of North America?