Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ha Ha!!

Ha Ha!!*

Stephane Dion: "We're ready. We're well-organized and we're determined to win this election,"

Only one week before they expect to be plunged into a federal election campaign, some Liberal MPs are still hoping to make "adjustments" to the centrepiece of their party's platform -- the risky proposal to impose a carbon tax. (The Green Shift**)

Liberal agriculture critic Wayne Easter said on the carbon tax, "We need to boil that down, we need to figure what changes have to be made to accommodate the concerns that are raised." "And there are concerns. We don't deny that."

Robert Thibault, a Nova Scotia Liberal MP said: "In my mind, it's a statement of principles, it's not a recipe."

More evidence backing up Dions "ready" claim from the article:

Some Liberal insiders complain that continued infighting among factions in Quebec has turned that province into "a disaster zone" -- as one well-connected Grit called it -- for the party.

Some veteran Liberals disagree, especially when it comes to Quebec where some Liberals remain furious with Dion's Quebec lieutenant, Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette. They blame her for failing to find candidates for half the ridings in the province while blocking potentially strong candidates, such as former MPs Liza Frulla and Helene Scherre.

Yup. They are ready.

*Apologies to Nelson.
**Apologies to Jennifer Wright.


hunter said...

Well, I can see why Wayne Easter is concerned, my PEI relatives HATE the green shaft. I bet he's getting an earful from the farmers on the island.

Ardvark said...

All Liberals are concerned, well maybe not Iggy or Bob Rae as they have other plans, but for the rest of them this is going to be a rough election.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good post. I was thinking the same thing - that they hardly seem 'ready' in any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

The Nutty Professor, with his usual dithering style, now says that arts funding will be his main theme in attacking the Conservatives in the upcoming election. The green shaft seems to be slowly fading away. What a platform on which to go to the public. I'll just bet that funding for arts and culture is at the top of voter concerns. It's probably right up there with changes to the Wheat Board Act as something that really grabs the electorate.

Bronn said...

Sorry for the off topic, but this was too delicious to resist -

Garth busted.

Anonymous said...

Garth Turner. Ha ha!