Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sneak Preview of the Closing Ceremonies in Beijing.

As luck would have it; I have obtained an advance copy of the program for the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in Beijing.

Here it is.

Official release from the Politburo of Things for the National Interest and Truth.

Once the last event (Handball) comes to a conclusion and the last medals are awarded we will go directly to the following schedule.


The closing ceremonies: Beijing National Stadium (Birds Nest) 8 PM China Standard time

Art Director: Green helmet guy

The grand parade of all things that makes us better than you.

Musical number #1: Ashley Simpson

The Athletes enter the stadium: The flag bearers of the participating delegations and the name-board-bearers enter the stadium in single file. Behind them march the athletes, without distinction of nationality. The flag bearers then form a semi-circle behind the rostrum.

The President of the IOC and the President of the OCOG mount the rostrum. To the sounds of the Greek national anthem, the Greek flag is hoisted on the flagpole that stands to the right of the central flagpole used for the winners' flags. The flag of the host country is then hoisted on the central flagpole, while its anthem is played. Finally, the flag of the host country of the next Olympic Games is hoisted on the left hand flagpole to the strains of its anthem.

The mayor of the host city(Guo Jinlong) joins the President of the IOC on the rostrum and returns to him the Olympic flag. The president of the IOC then entrusts it to the mayor of the host city of the following Olympic Games (Mayor of London, Boris Johnson). This flag must be displayed in the latter city's main municipal building.

After the address of the President of the OCOG, the President of the IOC gives the closing speech which ends with the following words:"I declare the Games of the XXIX Olympiad closed and, in accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world to assemble four years from now at London to celebrate with us there the Games of the XXX Olympiad"

A fanfare then sounds; the Olympic flame is extinguished, and while the Olympic anthem is being played, the Olympic flag is slowly lowered from the flagpole and, unfurled horizontally, carried out of the arena, followed by the flag bearers. A farewell song resounds.

The farewell song: Musical number #2 to be performed by very special guests*

The athletes file out of the stadium and we immediately fire up the power plants and resume production of counterfeit products to sell to them when they return home.

Program end.

* The Politburo is well aware that this would normally be impossible, but for the greater cultural good it will be made to happen as scheduled.

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