Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maybe she should call the cops.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May, in Guelph for the local by-election, has accused the Liberals of "stealing".

'May cited the Liberal party's Green Shift as the foremost example of another party "stealing" a Green party idea and making it their own.'

Oh my, the Liberals "stealing". Who would have thought such a thing even possible?

I think May should do the right thing and report the matter to the police, and while she is at it, she could also report the theft of the Liberal candidate for the EDA of Central Nova. I am sure the local Liberals in Central Nova are very concerned that someone stole their chance to select and vote for a candidate of their own.

Speaking about things that should be against the law; it seems that the Liberal Party of Canada is still soliciting money in their efforts to "win back" Central Nova even though they have no intentions of running a candidate and cannot possibly "win back" the riding.


Babylonian777 said...

Wow, talking about biting the hand the feeds you! I wonder is Stephen is still endorsing her?

Anonymous said...

Too funny!lemme see Dion stole his "green shift" from a private company< who has used the name for 10 years. Ellie May got her "green" from where?? What a bunch of loooseers. Almost as good as "bitter green" sooozkie wanting to lock up everyone that dosen't agree with his enviro-mental delusions Maybe they could all get naked and wrestle in green jello. Admission by donation to be donated to the "polart bear fund" I don't know why there is no alarm over walruses they are kinda cute.
Cheers Bubba

greyburr said...

My sides are sore from laughing!You are making this up aren't you?The back room deal where lizzy sold out to the liberals last April/07 didn't include the right of the party of thieves to cherry pick lizzys policys?