Thursday, August 28, 2008

In my opinion...

In my opinion the first line of this Canadian Press news story is opinion.

OTTAWA — It will probably be a very short meeting.

NDP Leader Jack Layton has agreed to sit down with Stephen Harper on Saturday, but said he believes the prime minister has already decided to throw in the towel and call a fall election....


But whose opinion is it?

I really have no idea why the CP didn't think it important enough to include the authors name along with the authors opinion, but I am not a journalist and I am unfamiliar with their ways.


Alberta Girl said...

I think it is being somehow sneaky when the CP doesn't put the author of the articles they write.

Perhaps someone familiar with their ways could explain why they don't publish the names.

Ron said...

The use of "critics say", unnamed sources etc. is allows the author to insert a personal view while hiding behind someone else. It is lazy journalism and should not be tolerated at any level --- unfortunately, critics say, lazy and partisan are the hallmarks of Canadian journalism - at least according to several unnamed sources

maryT said...

Didn't Paul Martin quit on the job and go to the GG, once with a majority and once with a minority. Didn't Chretain quit on the job, with a majority, and go to the GG.
Liberals had no reason to quit their job but PMSH has reason to dissolve the govt. For over 2 yrs all the opposition leaders have threated an election, with the bloc and ndp actually voting to bring it down. Dion sat on his hands. If the by-elections are held will voters elect more liberals to sit on their hands. What a waste of money.