Friday, August 22, 2008

It's back with a vengeance.

This past Wednesday Stephane Dion was in Oakville and gave us a hint about the Liberal election strategy when he said the following "The next election will be about policies, but it will also be about politics." "It will be the battle between fear and hope," Thats right folks; The Campaign of Fear™ is about to make a big comeback (Not that they have ever really stopped since the 2006 campaign), and the Liberals again hope that the voters will buy into their fear campaign.

It has already begun with Dion attempting to open up the very divisive abortion debate, and while this level of fear mongering might be expected from the Liberals based on their campaigning history; the Liberal leader sunk well into the gutter and reached an all time low when he said this: "These are the same people – Mr. Flaherty, Mr. Baird, Mr. Clement – who are responsible [for] what happened in Walkerton, who privatized [Ontario's] propane inspection, and they want to do something equivalent about food inspections,"

Yes, you read that right. Dion is attempting to lay the blame for the Walkerton tragedy and the recent propane explosion in Toronto, along with the tragic deaths associated with both events, on to the Harper Government! So much for taking the high road Stephane you ass.

Truly pathetic. That may be the lowest thing I have ever heard in Canadian politics and I am at a loss for words for the level of disgust that I feel right now for Stephane Dion. What ever level of respect I had for the man is now permanently gone, and if he figured that somehow this crap was going to rally his base for support, he is even dumber than I ever imagined possible.

Bring it on Dion; you have rallied the wrong side.


gimbol said...

At this rate it won't be long before Dion starts blaming Harper for Adscam.

But as long as the bar is set at blaming past Ontario governments for present woes, does this mean Harper can start warning Ontario voters about how a liberal government would include Bob Rae?

maryT said...

Why bring up abortion again when mothers can just throw their babies into a pool and plead I was disturbed/distressed. Read Climbing out of the dark.

hunter said...

Typical Liberals, it's all about fear and smear. Problem is that people have seen what the Conservatives can do and they won't buy that garbage anymore.

Anonymous said...

Typical Liebrano crap, Dion is just a little knife and fork hot dog eater who wants to play with the big boys. As it turns out he better stay on the porch. Paul Martin did the "scary Conservative" routine didn't work then, won't work now Harper is smart and can connect the dots, having former PM Cretin chime in sucking up to the Chi-coms, little Dion trying to insert the abortion issue, typical, lets stay focused on the real issues,crime, the economy,immigration,national security.
cheers Bubba

wilson said...

All PMSH has to come back with is

'we will not go done roads that divide the nation, we are the party of National unity'.

'We will unite the country with Artic soverignty, a national pipeline, bring down intraprovincial trading barriers etc.'

Anonymous said...

I really shouldn't post twice ...but I found myself thinking that well maybe there is some areas I could agree with Dion... like abortion... I kind found myself thinking ..well if his mother had shared his views.. drum roll.
cheers Bubba

stupitazz said...

Typical of the Liberals. While the conservatives are creating party platform Dion et al concern themselves with "blamestorming".
Bring on the election.

maryT said...

Blamestorming, what a great stmt, may I use it. Could be fun using that during the election.

Ardvark said...

This is from a guy who is a so called intellectual who claimed that he will take the high road.

He and his party are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Dion should be asking Bob Rae about why his NDP government spun off the Ontario Clean Water Agency from the Environment Ministry and allowed for private water testing.

Anonymous said...

Dion should be asking Bob Rae about why his NDP government spun off the Ontario Clean Water Agency from the Environment Ministry and allowed for private water testing.
He didn't realize Mike Harris would come along and gut the inspection side, thus enabling Walkerton.