Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Liberal opens his mouth, and another smear comes out.

Scott Brison, Nova Scotia Liberal MP for Kings ­Hants must have figured that Mark Holland and the Liberal Party proper were having too much fun defending themselves in court over libel/defamation cases that he decided that he wanted to play along as well.

Last Thursday Brison made the following comments about
Premier Rodney MacDonald’s opposition to the federal Liberals’ green plan: source

Premier MacDonald’s opposition to green plan has been “fully bought and paid for," and in a letter to to the premier Thursday Brison accused him of be­coming “a full branch-plant op­eration of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Ottawa office."

More Brison comments from Thursday: "Rodney MacDonald is more interested in being Stephen Harper's lap dog in Nova Scotia than he is in defending the interests of Nova Scotians," "He's only trying to feather his own nest after the next election when he loses and needs a patronage appointment from Stephen Harper."

Bought and paid for? Nice choice of words there Scotty, know any good lawyers? Better get on that Blackberry.


Anonymous said...

Brison is in panic mode. He mouthed off in Guelph ,now in Nova Scotia. Let's get a family man elected instead of little boy Brison. He doesn't have a clue about expenses of raising a family.

maryT said...

Jason C. may be available for hire.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Brison become a man intead of a man-boy? He needs to consider the true interests of Nova Scotia and its economic welfare and not gay rights, himself and watered down socialism aka the LPC! (real conservative)

Bruce from Cambridge said...

Brison sure has changed from when he ran for the leadership of the PC Party. I remember him saying at the convention "to be a Liberal is to stand for nothing". And he voted in favour of the PC/Alliance merger! The guy is as two-faced as they come.

Ardvark said...

Brison plays a nice guy on TV, but not so much when he is playing politician. He only cares about getting re-elected and will smear anyone in his way.

Political life for any Liberal running in Atlantic Canada is not going to be an easy task this time around. No matter how much they try to smear the PM.


Ardvark said...

Just a thought. I wonder if all the crap he has taken politically about his love life has turned Brison into the political attack dog he appears to have become.