Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen; the 'Party of the Charter' in action.

Currently the Liberal Party of Canada is in court trying to take away the rights of a Canadian citizen to due process before that court.

The Liberal party filed the opinion by a political scientist as part of its defence in the defamation suit Mr. Harper launched against the party over the Chuck Cadman affair. "This claim by Prime Minister Harper is an attempt by the governing party to silence the Official Loyal Opposition on a matter of significant public interest pertaining to the government of Canada," the Liberal party says in the statement of defence filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The opinion by University of Toronto professor Peter Russell states that the suit intends to "choke off parliamentary and public discussion of the issue." which the Liberal maintain is designed to muzzle legitimate criticism about his role in the Cadman affair.

The reality is that this lawsuit limits nothing. The Liberals can continue to say what ever they want as long as what they say is the truth, but if it is not the truth they have to face the legal consequences just like anyone else would.

If you slander or libel me, I can sue your ass off; that is my remedy available under Canadian law and just because the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister is no reason for Stephen Harper, the Canadian citizen, not to have the same legal and constitutional right as anyone else.

A Funny argument coming from the so-called "Party of the Charter".

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Powell lucas said...

A political scientist ain't a lawyer. This clown is swimming way beyond his depth.

Surecure said...

It is priceless that the Liberals believe when Dion sued Duceppe for slander/libel, it didn't stifle political debate. But, when Harper wants to sue Dion, suddenly it does. Now they are pushing for a ruling to deny members of the government the same legal rights as everybody else. What slime.

They seem to be willfully ignorant to the fact that there is a legal ruling that MP's can make whatever accusations they want against the government in the House of Commons without fear of legal reprisals. The existence of that specific legal rule clearly defines that it is illegal to do so otherwise outside of the HoC. That ruling sets a distinct barrier line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior, of which the Liberals are now on the unacceptable side. Thus, the Liberals have no protection.

They can go cry on somebody else's shoulders. They knew the rule of law and ignored it. They have no defense.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for his real defence. He is French and doesn't understand Engish

Anonymous said...

You can within limits say what you want in the house and cannot be sued,say it outside the house and post it on your web site and I feel you have slandered me, I can sue,a judge or jury will decide if my case has merit. A professor!! well Dion & his little "green" men may be impressed this "is simply "an opinion" of someone who has not passed his bar exam so really has no relevance. S.Harper was treated very badly by the Lieberanos, and I am pleased to see him take them to court. I am waiting to see the delightfully named Jennifer Wright do the same.
cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Hey anon, not only does he not understand English, he does not speak it either......argee

Ardvark said...

Ahh the Liberals; Defending the right of Canadians, unless you are a conservative.

Ron said...

Actually, the sad part about this is how it shows the dirth of intelligence and objectivity at the University level in Canada. Think about it - Dion is a partisan hack who exemplifies the expression "those that can't - teach" and now we have this University professor filing a thoroughly partisan, self-serving, rant with the court. Is it any wonder, Canadian students are getting less and less of an intellectual and unbiased education. From kindergarten through University, left wing ideology is the primary course on the curriculum.