Friday, August 22, 2008

The anonymous ' news staff' strikes again.

This is just too stupid not to comment on. "After a week of election speculation, senior federal Conservatives have told CTV News that an election call after Labour Day is "possible."

"Possible"? I know I did not go to a fancy school of journalism but come on, this is just ridiculous.

It is not only possible that the election call will come after Labour Day but it is a 100% sure thing. My guess is that around October of 2009 would be a good bet for the election, but I am not a journalist.

Way to go CTV news staff, but I do have a question. If this story wins some kind of award for outstanding journalism, who will be the one to pick up the prize?



Anonymous said...

Journalists are not known to the public as having high IQs.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that the entire NDP caucus will be crossing the floor to the conservatives next week as well

Basing an entire news report on the words it's possible is SOP for these MSM hacks in their efforts to stir up anything to get attention and readership.

Doug said...

I read that stupid article. It's about as dumb as dumb can be. I was trying to see who authored it but no one put their name on it.

Anonymous said...

Senior conservatives talking to CTV... don't they mean back stabbing spies running to the communist party? I doubt this until verified. (real conservative)