Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The case for mandatory drug testing for political pundits.

Sheila Copps writes:" OTTAWAWith the paucity of Liberal candidates and looming economic troubles, there are some Liberal insiders dreaming of a Paul Martin return to power. With a series of speeches planned to promote his recent book, the former prime minister plans to spend the next few weeks telling Canadians how to survive the world meltdown.

Some Grits think Martin's Bay Street cred is just what the country needs in uncertain times, and they are quietly exploring a "Draft Martin" movement...."

Please pee into the cup; thanks.


jad said...

You have to read to the end of the article to see what Ms. Copps REALLY thinks about PMPM.

"But those dreaming of a comeback would be wise to remember that Martin lost the government because of his scorched-earth policy toward Liberals. Any sitting Member of Parliament not sufficiently supportive was red-circled for replacement by a Martin ally.

All in all, Martin targeted about 30 ridings across the country where his supporters replaced long-time Liberals in bitter nomination fights (present company included). In the end, it was internal cannibalism that actually cost Paul Martin his job. Had the former prime minister been open to the full range of Liberal views, Martin may still be governing today.

But he forgot the mainstay of Liberalism, a big-tent approach to politics. Some of the inflicted scars are still healing, with ordinary activists sitting on their hands until the squabbling ends. Liberals want a leader who can move beyond the uncivil wars."

Ardvark said...

Bring Paul Back!!!

Not as catchy as Stay Stephane Stay, but it has promise.