Thursday, October 29, 2009

Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette goes off the deep end again.

Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette is at it again. Yesterday Hervieux-Payette filed a complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council against the CTV network and Robert Fife claiming biased reporting on the part of CTV.

There is so much here I am not sure where to start. This woman has truly gone off the deep end.

First on her claim against CTV she states that “CTV tried to convince Canadians that Liberal senators killed Bill C-25 and supported criminals. CTV claimed that Conservative senators wanted to support the bill, while they clearly refused to do so. This is false. In fact, Conservative senators blocked debate and suspended the work of the Senate for 10 days but CTV misrepresented these facts as reported by Canadian Press.” First off why is she going after the CTV when they were reporting facts as reported by the CP? Should she not be going after them? Secondly, yes the conservatives did refuse a request to debate the bill but she is purposely leaving out some very important information about this. The bill that they wanted to debate was not the original bill, it was the one that was already amended by a handful of Liberals. Why in the world would any conservative senator want to debate the AMENDED bill by the Liberals and not the one that went through Parliament and had received UNANIMOUS approval. A little detail left out that means everything to the context of her claims.

She is grasping at straws and is going to look very foolish with her attacks on CTV but Hervieux-Payette is not done yet. In her press release she says the following: “We are dealing with a Conservative government that manipulates the Canadian public by putting its party`s logo on government cheques, models the symbols used by our Olympic athletes on its own logo, sweeps reports on torture in Afghanistan under the carpet and conducts misleading advertising campaigns … and CTV is paid to broadcast these schemes.”

Lets break this down. “We are dealing with a Conservative government that manipulates the Canadian public by putting its party`s logo on government cheques." Pure BS. This did not happen and there is no basis for the claim unless Hervieux-Payette somehow believes that those 2 giant novelty cheques were really issued by the government and are legal tender, otherwise this is nothing more than an outright lie. Either way it does not look good on her.

"models the symbols used by our Olympic athletes on its own logo" OMG, she actually went there. This one has already been dis proven so long ago that even Hedy Fry has walked away from it because of its foolishness. Really, I have to question anyone's sanity who tries to argue this one with a straight face after hearing from all those involved in the logo design and selection process. It is a lie and not a very good one at that.

And perhaps the best for last: "...and CTV is paid to broadcast these schemes." Read that again. "...and CTV is paid to broadcast these schemes." Wow! Reading this it looks to me as if she is claiming that the CTV is being paid (by someone, we don't know who) to broadcast these conservative "schemes" onto an unsuspecting public. I could be wrong but I don't read it any other way and I hope Hervieux-Payette has a good lawyer because that claim goes way over the top and it would be easy for CTV to claim damage to their reputation because of it.

Is there not anyone on the Liberal side who looks at this stuff before it gets out there to the public? I know things are a bit shaky over at the OLO at this point, but come on. She is making you look like fools.

For some background on Hervieux-Payette you can check out a recent post I made on her and her slam of Alberta. BTW those comments were so bad that Liberal Senator Tommy Banks from Alberta was going to express his opinion on them "directly to Senator Hervieux-Payette at the first opportunity."

Needless to say Mr. Donolo is going to have his hands full with this winner.

Update: Somebody else has similar thoughts on Hervieux-Payette. h/t Joanne


Anonymous said...

This Senator sucks big time. The most obvious item she sucks at is the Olympic Logo. If you ask any Canadian what this Logo reminds them of, they would say it looks like the Canadian Air Force Logo. The CPC logo has a "C" and Maple Leaf, but it doesn't look like the Olympic Logo.

Anonymous said...

what's she babbling about? ctv is a liberal as they come. a fact or two slips out now and then, so what.

Bec said...

This unelected, unaccountable senator, needs someone to put her firmly in her place and I hope both CTV and the government do it.

Maybe it will anger BF enough that he cuts conservatives some slack with his tendency to bash.

I am finding it very interesting that the same media types that have been propping up the Liberal brand, despite it's Keystone cop routine are now the same ones that are ecstatic over the Donolo appt.
They would sic the Liberals on Canada, no matter what. Rant over.

Anonymous said...

Robert Fife? Perhaps he should be introduced as a "conservative strategist" next broadcast; it would be interesting to see his hair turn white on national television.

Jen said...

If CTV was conservative, the LPOC will be eaten alive already. Tough questions will be asked such as: where is the 40million dollars; why did the LPOC cut funding to our troops and most of all blaming Mulroney for the deficit will not be uttered because thee conservative reporter will tell them that it was Trudeau who left Mulroney with his(trudeau's) multi billion debt.
Until such a Conservative national media exists, Payette is at home with CTV and can say whatever she feels like about any CTV reporter since CTV is LIBERAL.

Philanthropist said...

She's whacked but this sets a good precedent. 'Journalists' need to be forced to be journalists in Canada, ultimately they would keep their jobs too instead of getting laid off due to lack of interest in their schtick.

Surecure said...

And she's editing the comments of her blog to prevent the fact that she herself has outright lied about the Olympic logo.