Friday, October 23, 2009

More from the ADSCAM file

From the Globe and Mail: "Mr. Corbeil said the money derived from the $50,000 kickback was redistributed to Mr. Morselli, as well as two Liberal riding associations outside of Montreal Island, prior to the 1997 general election.

He added that the money from the six fake invoices, which he had approved, was used by Mr. Morselli to organize two Liberal events in 1999 and 2000. The goal was to pack halls with supporters of then-prime minister Jean Chrétien, whose loyalists were involved in internal fights with the supporters of then-finance minister Paul Martin.

Mr. Corbeil said the Liberal Party's Quebec wing was always short of money, and he said the fake invoices were used to obtain cash to pay for Liberal “volunteers” at party events and to organize matters like transportation." h/t Wilson

Money for 2 Liberal riding associations? Hey Michael, if you wouldn't mind stepping away from your crusade to smear the conservatives over stimulus spending for a minute, could you tell us which 2 ridings those were? There are more but these 2 would be fine for starters.

Money to BUY support for Chretien to show up his internal rival Finance Minister Paul Martin. If this wasn't so sad it would be funny.

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Anonymous said...

Why does this stuff always come out late on a Friday?

Bec said...

You need to ask? lol

It's the zipper it up, real tight and maybe it will disappear!

The guy should go to jail...after he tells the rest!

Alberta Girl said...

and know we know why the Libs have been 'creating' partisan-ship scandals.....hoping that Canadians would be looking the other way.

Of course - the lib lovin' MSM is there to make sure that the train wreck of the Liberals is obscured by smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

blast this to everyone and every blogger AA. It needs to stay alive for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Were both events surprise parties for Mr. Chrétien?

Ardvark said...

They must have been a surprise, he didn't seem to recall much on the stand other than to reveal his uncanny ability for remembering where he acquired every golf ball he has ever owned.

Bec said...

I think this is the creepiest part, frankly.

"Mr. Corbeil, the former director-general of the Liberal Party's Quebec wing, testified at his sentencing hearing that the only cash he ever received was $5,000 to pay for the cost of adopting a girl in China in 2000. "

Fay said...

CTV and CBC look the other way and continue to hide Liberal dirty secrets. Silence is deafening from the MSM!!!
The Liberal Party was buying Chinese baby girls! WHO, WHAT,WHY,WHERE and WHEN? Is there no journalist in Canada to cover this story?

wilson said...

Cross referencing from the CBC Adscam summary:

Corbeil said those receiving cash donations were Daniel Dezainde, the current press secretary for Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for Quebec Jacques Saada, and Irene Marcheterre, director of communications for Transport Minister Jean Lapierre.

Corbeil told the inquiry that Alfonso Gagliano ran a team of 30 "fake volunteers" during the 2000 election when Gagliano was public works minister. Corbeil said the Liberal party had two election teams, one on the payroll and the other on loan to the party. The people on loan included some whom he had earlier identified as having received money from the $50,000 that Brault gave to him.''

wilson said...

Renaud (Corbeil's bff) was wired, and is now in the witness protection program.

''.. Mr. Renaud organized meetings in late 2006 with three suspects: a businessman involved in the sponsorship program,
a senior Liberal staffer,
and Mr. Corbeil...''

Bec said...

It makes you wonder, who is shaking in their boots?

Jen said...

How much dids the media know but chose to keep it quiet from the public.
Tom Clark and other will be digging every garbage for any on the conservatives.

gimbol said...

My theory has always been that if it wasn't for th espat between Martin and Chretien, none of this would have been leaked in the first place.
I still surmise to this day that the wheels started coming off the scheme when Martin got his hands on some of that loot for his own campaigning....or at least it was suggested to him by one of Chretien's operatives that had a bone to pick with the Martinites.

Anne in sw ON said...

wilson at 3:01:00 PM - Jacques Saada was the Quebec chair for the Rae campaign for the Liberal leadership. How far do the tentacles reach? Who knew what and when?

Jen said...

Anne in sw ON said...
How far do the tentacles reach? Who knew what and when?

Ia guarantee you Anne that the national media will not dare venture into that investigation nor even make the mistake of sending cameras, lights and reporters to CHRETIEN'S AND PAUL MARTIN'S or any other members who are involved in this.
Watch the media closely, this story is only out for a few days and bam straight under the carpet it goes.

What is more important to these NATIONAL MEDIAS is how much the PM went to the bathroom or whether or not he eats is vegetables.

How far do the tentacles reach? Who knew what and when?

maryT said...

What is going on in Quebec, construction scandal, adscam/sponsorship scandal all coming to light before an election.
Will the cbc/ctv/global follow up on any of this-no way.
With no possibility of a senate seat, for years, if ever, one would think they might decide to do their job.
And, with fewer lib MPs there are fewer opportunities to be communication head honchos for them.
Hopefully, after the next election they will be many fewer lib MPs.

Jeff said...

I wish Mike had brought up Adscam with Ralph Goodale when they were on Power Play together.

"Is it possible you're trying to compare our government's successful Action Plan to Adscam? We're funding infrastructure projects, but you were funding the Liberal Party."