Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mischief from within the Liberal Party.

Mischief is afoot in the Liberal Party of Canada. Is Michael Ignatieff the only one who hasn't figured it out yet? From CTV's Power Play with Tom Clarke.

The adult conversation that isn't to be, the entire Outremont fiasco, general confusion, Liberal Senators holding up legislation that Ignatieff wants passed, loyalty oaths and caucus secrecy that brings back memories of Garth Turner; it all ads up to internal mischief or as Tom Clarke called it "a more apprehended insurrection that we know to be true".

Big questions remain though; will Ignatieff be able to figure it all out it is too late and will he be able to handle it?

I don't have the answers but I do know that somewhere tonight Stephane Dion will sleep the sleep of angels.

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gimbol said...

Sounds like Bob Rae's caucus includes a majority of liberal senators.

maryT said...

These problems couldn't happen to a nicer person.

CanadianSense said...

In Montreal, Liberal Convention 2006 Bob did not support MI as the leader and nothing has changed.

He refused to endorse MI with his delegates and let them make up their own minds putting Dion over the top.

In December 2008 he got knifed by the Paul Martin/Iffy camp regarding the "interim leader" and withdrew immediately from the leadership as a result.

MI only was allowed to be a leader if he kept growing the polling numbers and the money kept flowing.

The "instant" leadership Liberals are not donating. They have grown their contributors by 2,000 approx. compared to 2008 (Q1-Q2 2009 vs all of 2008).

Those 70,000 new sign ups are NOT helping.

MI is now polling worse than Dion as Bob Rae's supporters continue to leak damaging information about the discontent with the current Rosedale Gang management.

The exact pattern of destroying the leader by Micheal's team is now being deployed by Bob's team.

In both cases Dion and Michael did NOT move fast enough to boot or remove the bad apples from the caucus.

The Liberal Party needs to split up into two camps with Left leaning liberals under Bob Rae and Blue Liberals under MI.

They would both have official party status with each division holding more than 12 seats.

The Atlantic Regional Liberals with Brison as the leader?

Looks like Jean Chretien and Paul Martin are preparing for the next round: internal power struggle.

Anyone have a short list?

Jen said...

And the liberals say that 'they are the party of hope"-maybe for them, but most definitely 'NOT' for

MCQUINTY says the NDP have seen 'the light' of the liberals on enivornment and calls us ' REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVES-



Bob Rae, meet Paul Jamieson
A vigilant Canadian civil servant in Kenya is smeared by the Liberals

National Post
Published: Thursday, October 08, 2008

Ardvark said...

If the backroom boys of the LPC and Ignatieff would have treated their own party as adults and allowed them to choose their own leader perhaps things would not be bad as they are now.

Thanks Jen I will be saving those for a later date.

Time to keep the powder dry for awhile, sit back and watch the Liberals destroy themselves.

Terry 1 said...

One would think the alberta ardvark would be more interested in commenting on the sinking ship of Alberta Tories who are lied to constantly just like the federal ones.

Being in opposition is no fun but iggy does have a handle on things and the stuid comment from nonsense above indicates how silly some people can get. Iggy has raised many millions more than other Liberal leader and has out funded the reformatories this year. Their donation base has risen significantly.

Those ar ethe issues that count and while you all jump on recent polls please remember they will turn again just as quickly.

Iggy has changed the game in the HOC and its just a timing thing for him now.

Anonymous said...

Now if only the Liberals would turf the Iggomaniac and elect Bob Rae, this country might get a majority government...a Conservative one.

bocanut said...

Rae and the Count were roommates at the U of T.
Perhaps these effeminate elitists could settle their differences in upper class twit traditonal ways-a Saturday night pillow fight.
In between hockey playoff intermissions a pay-per-view extravaganza would certainly boost the Liberal war chest.