Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quick snips.

Gerard Kennedy thinks Canadians have become timid people: Have the intervening years since the Vietnam War really made us that much more timid as a people? Make sure to read the comments from all the timid people who call Kennedy out on this foolishness.
You know, I think we started getting timid as a people just about the time Ignatieff left the country; coincidence?

The Silk Stocking's view.


The understatement of the week award goes to an anonymous Liberal for the following bit of spin: "We have huge room for growth and will be orienting our efforts to achieving a broader and deeper level of commitment from women to the Liberal agenda.” Huge room for growth all right.


The aftershocks still rumble through the OLO 3 days and 351,628 Views later.


Another example of Liberal optimism or a case of sticking fingers in their ears and going "La la la la, I can't hear you?


Ignatieff plays the heavy:"He took actions earlier in the week that have consequences. He's living the consequences." What consequences would those be Michael? Not having to subject himself to one of your boring speeches while trying to eat another rubber chicken dinner? Poor Denis, how he must be suffering.

Hmm, this is interesting: "As for Coderre's absence at the meeting, several said they understood that he was in his riding caring for his sick father." Consequences? Nah, it couldn't be.


Ralph Goodale and John McCallum are having a bad day.


Floor crossing rumours take a back seat to the news that Ruby Dhalla has been named as a "special" advisor to the Liberals on child poverty. I wonder how well her "beat them until they are no longer poor" strategy will go over. If only those poor children would have had nannies none of this would have happened.


Liberal MP's want the government to apologize to Suaad Hagi Mohamud before all of the facts have been determined. Never mind those little details about if or where she went to school, the name of that big lake beside Toronto, her own son's birthday or the date of her marriage, the name of the company she worked for, and of course the minor detail of how she was 6 cm shorter than her drivers license stated, just give her the cash you evil conservatives and say you are sorry. (updated with NP story on those the Liberals hurt with their smears)


Philanthropist said...

Canadians timid? Kennedy should go to Afstan and tell the Taliban so they'll come out of hiding from Canadians. Jerk.

Ardvark said...

What a team those Liberals are.

Kennedy wants us to let people who volunteered of their own free will into the US military to desert and move to Canada, and Ruby wants to give them a pension after they have been here 3 years.

CanadianSense said...

Kennedy might be referring to the 40% of confirmed Liberal voters who don't want the Liberals to topple the government.

Trust Index on Issues Question: Thinking of the federal party leaders, who would you trust to manage the following issues? [ROTATE]

Highest Ranked (followed by Second Highest Ranked):

The economy - Stephen Harper 40.5% (Michael Ignatieff 26.8%)

The environment - Stephen Harper 21.6% (Jack Layton 21.1%)
National unity - Stephen Harper 30.1% (Michael Ignatieff 28.1)
Taxes - Stephen Harper 40.1% (Michael Ignatieff 24.2%)
Healthcare - Stephen Harper 28.9% (Jack Layton 22.1%)


Bec said...

How about this, let the losers come but first, accompanied by the great saviour Kennedy, the chicken $hits be flown directly to Afghanistan and dropped by parachute directly into a Taliban pit.

You were right AA, the comments were brilliant. It's not a good idea to anger a supportive and loyal military community.

Anonymous said...

Timid??? I think Gerard Kennedy is over-compensating for his extended stay on Venus.