Saturday, October 10, 2009

Down in the polls Ignatieff tries lying his way out.

Having again abandoned his principles Ignatieff attempts to lie his way out of his own words and threats.

Michael Ignatieff: source CBC Story :What I’ve said consistently for a month is in those cases where the government brings forth legislation we can support or approve or amend, we’ll do so. My strategy is not to make parliamentary government impossible.”

What a joke. Now Ignatieff wants us to believe that he never said "Mr Harper, your time is up. The Liberal Party cannot support this government any further. We will hold it to account. We will oppose it in Parliament." in early September with the same threats and talk of "principle" repeated to the press multiple times over the last month. (previous post with examples)

This has now reached the point of pure lunacy and it is becoming almost a daily occurrence to see 180 degree turns on statements and policy. I am at a loss for words as to how stupid this all is.

Speaking of which. How are the Liberals now going to reconcile what Ignatieff has just said with the fact that they voted against the renovation tax credit 3 weeks ago.

Does this mean that they really are opposed to the renovation tax credit?

It must be because after all Ignatieff has said 'consistently for a month' that they would support legislation they agreed with.

Or is that another lie? I am having a hard time keeping up.

To quote another blogger on Ignatieff: He is done – and if he isn’t, he should be.

Update: You can listen for yourself to Ignatieff's historical revisionism at Dr. Roy's.


rightful said...

mr. Angry is sure one fearsome spectacle - messing with the PM, whacking discipline on his party, voting against everything and anything - wow - stand back, this is one mean wrecking machine -
who IS giving him advice anyway ?

CanadianSense said...

Mr. Pompous had little or no choice a split of MP's was imminent.

His mea culpa by going in front of the press now admitting he will now erase the line in the sand again.

The Sudbury declaration to remove the monkey of propping up the government failed miserably because he adopted the NDP strategy game of chicken.

The NDP switched places and propped up the government making his party useless.

After the drop of another 2%-4% to Dion territy the Bob Rae faction have again taken him to the woodshed for a public humilation.

MI did the same to Dion.

The JC PM intercine continues.

Grant said...

Educated by Harvard. Schooled by Harper.

From here on in, Ignatieff is the 'interim leader' of the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Time is up for Count Chocula.Notice though he waited for a long weekend to do the retreat.He knows that Canadians will be busy with other things. I guess there will be two turkeys on the table this weekend.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Notice though he waited for a long weekend to do the retreat.He knows that Canadians will be busy with other things.

Blogging Tories won't let Canadians forget.

The Red Fox said...

Since Jack has really become the leader of the opposition ,Iggy is basically trying to revive the I'm still the leader of the coalition.

Ardvark said...

I think most people could have understood Ignatieff having to back off his "principles" since he has been basically forced to do so, but he didn't just back off, he is now treating every Canadian as a moron by lying about what he said and trying to re-write history as if we will not notice.

That is arrogance of a dangerous kind.

Platty said...

he is now treating every Canadian as a moron by lying about what he said and trying to re-write history as if we will not notice.

Must be something else that Rae has given Ignatieff advice on. This was the same stunt that Rae tried to pull when he said that Ignatieff never signed onto the coalition.

Interviewer: “You’re saying Michael Ignatieff did not sign that document with Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe?”
Bob Rae: “No, he did not. Michael Ignatieff no never did.”
(AM 770 CHQR, September 3, 2009)

I think it's in the Liberal war room filing cabinet under the heading "Stupid Canadians".


Anonymous said...

You can listen to that comment from Bob Rae here

Gayle said...


"he is now treating every Canadian as a moron by lying about what he said and trying to re-write history as if we will not notice."

makes this true:

"Schooled by Harper."

I would admire your tenacity in examining each and every word coming from Ignatieff if you did not condemn behaviour from him that you seem to celebrate from Harper.

Hey, remember when, less than a year ago, Harper promised he would never ever ever in a million years put Canada into a deficit position?

Good times, good times...

And before someone pops in and says it is a world wide recession - well duh. One would think a super smart economist like Harper would see the writing on the wall. I guess he needed those extra few weeks during the election to figure that one out.

Eagerly waiting to see if this one gets past cenorship central...

Brian in Calgary said...

Let's everyone keep in mind that this is the same party that was led by a person who promised to scrap, abolish, kill and get rid of the GST, and then not only didn't follow through, but said that he never made the promise in the first place.

Ardvark said...

Hey remember a year ago when Ignatieff did not see the recession coming and backed his leader Dion who said he would not run a deficit even though they would implement a 20 billion dollar/year program to employ unionized child care workers and give us that travesty known as the green shift (which Ignatieff supported 100% because it was HIS idea)? Remember that?

Nice try to distract again Gayle, but please try address the topic. Is this a lie by Iggy or was this really his 'consistent' position all along?

Jen said...

Bob Rae really thinks that David Rutherford is a fool like the ones he talks too on national television. But David prove to Rae that he David, is no push over like TOM CLARK FIFE and the rest of them.
Far many years the liberals manage with the help of their friends 'the national media' to speak the language of liberals and not of the canadians.

Nothing will surprise me that the professor takes the LPOC down with him. and I say, "WITH PLEASURE" Don't forget the liberals own media as well.

Bravo to David!!

Jen said...

Just in case the media can't bring themselves to remind you.

Michael Ignatieff stood on the steps of the parliament and told a bunch of reporters "I have no intentions of wearing the recession on my shoulders."

Meaning, we(liberals) are too chichen sh t to handle any problem which comes our way. we are a party of takers not helpers and have we been doing so since the time of Trudeau-so what makes you so sure that we will abandon our entitlement promised to us by....

Pessach said...

You just gotta think that Ignatieff, after reading about what he has said and done - day-after-day, just shakes his own head and wonders what the heck he's doing in politics.

He can't say what he wants - everything is measured and packaged and saccharine. When he does go it on his own and speaks as himself, he gets in trouble.

I would suppose that in private, Iggy is upset and frustrated with himself that he truly can't be himself AND be the politician that he thinks he should be nto win over Canadians.