Friday, October 09, 2009

When is a stand on principle not really a stand on principle?

When is a stand on principle not really a stand on principle?

When Michael Ignatieff says it?

updated with cbc story and one big lie from Ignatieff. See bottom of post.

Does everyone remember these words from Michael Ignatieff? "Mr Harper, your time is up. The Liberal Party cannot support this government any further. We will hold it to account. We will oppose it in Parliament. And if elections are called, we will be ready to offer a better future for our country. Canadians deserve better." Sept 1,2009 source

Over the next month Ignatieff would defend this stance numerous times saying that polls did not matter and that it was a matter of principle that he would oppose this government on everything.

"I won't be one of those politicians who pretends that he doesn't look at polls," Ignatieff said. "Sure I look at polls, but this was a matter of principle for me." Sept 20 source

"At the end of that week, our party stood up and voted no confidence in Stephen Harper’s government. It was a question of principle." Sept 21 source

"For us it's never been a question of elections, it's always been a question of standing up on principle and doing the job an opposition has to do." Oct 8 source

Another flip flop, another change of direction, another day under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff, a man who clearly has no principles.

How can anyone ever trust him again on anything?

Updated with link to CBC Story :What I’ve said consistently for a month is in those cases where the government brings forth legislation we can support or approve or amend, we’ll do so. My strategy is not to make parliamentary government impossible.” (blog entry)

I call BS! Can ANYONE provide me with a link where Ignatieff had said he would work with the government this past month? Anyone? Anyone at all?

The man has no principles and now he is lying about what he said.


Michael Ignatieff October 1, 2009: "How do I explain to these people that I keep letting this government go on and that is why in my hearts of hearts, after much reflection, we've decided as a party that we can't continue to give the government confidence in the House of Commons."


Platty said...

Would this be yet another brilliant move from that master strategist Warren Kantsellya, or is Iggy just walkin' the waffle all on his own?

Either way, they are truly a sad, sad bunch.

Taking a look over at the liblogs sites, there are more and more people who are seeing it this way.


CanadianSense said...

Bob Rae told him or ELSE.

Ardvark said...

It's too late now. His credibility is shot.

bocanut said...

He's a shape-shifin' alien reptiliian bound on subjucatin'Canucks,eh?
Does he care about Algonquin Park?
Enough to raid turtle nest eggs for nutrition and publicity.

Alberta Girl said...

Of course our Iggy lovin MSM will ignore this blatant lie and provide us with 'out of context' comments that prove that Iggy is telling the truth.

Ardvark said...

They are going to have a hard time finding even out of context quotes AG. Ignatieff has been clear that the Liberals will NOT and can not support this government on anything.

They can't play it both ways, IE the home reno tax which they voted against but said they supported. Now with Ignatieff's retreat voting against it CONFIRMS that they were really against it. Even the best spin in the world cannot reconcile the words with the facts.

But it is still early, Ignatieff could change his mind again before the day is out so we just don't know.

CanadianSense said...

Do you remember how the Liberals made fun of Jack and Gilles narrative for cooperating with the CPC?

The Liberals don't have the stomach to face the voters if the NDP force the Liberals out on the HST debate this Fall.