Friday, October 23, 2009

Mike Lake and Ralph Goodale.

From yesterdays Power Play with Tom Clark on CTV. View entire clip here. The were discussing the Liberals now debunked claim on favoritism with infrastructure cash.

Note from about the 30 second mark where Mike tries to give Ralph something.

Too funny.


Hinchey's Store said...

Hilarious! I like how Mike Lake was trying to give Ralphy the list, and neither said a word about it - Ralphy just kept on spouting. I can't stand that guy... I wonder if he's nervous about his chances next election.

Bec said...

Here we have a government that has been bombarded with accusations and innuendo for well over a week now and what do we see on this partisan program?
We see a cool, collected and dignified, government MP, a ranting, unglued Liberal MP and a steely eyed, hopelessly partisan host.

Well where I come from, body language tells me more about truth tellers than defensive, ranting scandal seekers.

Mike Lake, deserves to be in government,Regina Wascana deserves better and CTV recruited a dud.

Now off to the gym for some happy endorphins.

Jen said...

Tom Clark looks as though he is going to explode he is definetely losing it; his main job is to not allow the conservative mp any length of time that might end up damaging his liberal party.
I notice as well when a conservative have very important news on the things they are doing for the community-Tom CLARK or whoever is doing the interviewing 'cuts the conservative off.

Anything of good news from the conservatives for the public is not acceptable by this media.
Anything the liberals didn't do but pretended they did is of good news by this news.
What this media and others like them are blatantly telling you is that the conservative party of canada are not acceptable by them and will everything in their power no matter what it takes to ruin this government for the sake of their 'corrupt liberal party of canada.

Michael Harkov said...

At 0:35 when Mike offers the paper up towards Ralph, Ralph completely ignores it and keeps blathering.

The Liberals obviously don't care about the truth. They just care about rhetoric and spin.

Ardvark said...

Mike is my MP and he is generally a soft spoken guy who has nowhere near the bluster of that windbag Goodale. When Mike went to hand the papers to Goodale without even saying a word, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to (dough boy) ralphy and have never heard him accept the truth about what the conservatives are HONESTLY DOING he always has his negative version. He rants all the time with no sense what-so-ever.
Can't understand why Sask people vote for this wessel, he irrates me so much that I have to put my remote on mute when he talking.

Anonymous said...

I realise that this is a bit juvenile, but, in our house Goodale is known as "Badger Bob"

wilson said...

So if Goodale wants a list,
why doesn't he ask Dahlton McGuinty, John Charest etc for it?

The fed list is a collection of Provincially approved project LISTS.

Amy said...

It's telling me video not available. However, I saw most of it yesterday, including the bit with the list - good timing on the part of whoever was shooting, to zoom out in order to catch that. Priceless. Yay Mike.

Ardvark said...

That is the thing with the Liberals and their smears, in their quest to get the CPC they forget that they are smearing countless others at the same time. In this case all of those who have worked hard on stimulus in the other various levels of government.

Amy, traffic must have been heavy when you tried to view the video but it is working now. Mike continues to impress doesn't he.

wilson said...

Just Liberals trying to keep their sinking ship alive.
They will throw anything and anyone overboard.

wilson said...

AA, don't miss this. Adscam guy said that a $50k kick-back went into 2 Lib ridings,
goal to pack events for Chretien, because of the war with Martin....
Adscam, Chretien vs Martin.

Anonymous said...

He blew it, I would have stood up in front of the camera and held it up for all to see. (edited) (real conservative)

Ardvark said...

Thanks Wilson, new post up.

maryT said...

When lib mps are protected from nomination meetings, the same old guys/gals get elected.
They have failed to see that they are a big part of the problem with libs falling in the polls. A new leader who still has to deal with a caucus that has been there since PET, will not improve their chances of forming govt for years.
Why is Travers suggesting that PMSH call an election now. Is it to help save some lib mps from defeat as more voters pick PMSH and give him a majority.

Jeff said...

Mike did a great job. He's the best MP at citing what other countries' politicians and journalists are saying (positively) about Canada.

The next phase in party messaging should be the happy Conservative. Rudy Giuliani is the best example of it. He makes any liberal look like the sourpusses they are.