Friday, October 30, 2009

Peter Donolo, Ladies Man.

You have all heard a lot about Ignatieff's new Chief of Staff, Peter Donolo, over the last couple of days. He is a real nice guy, he used to work for Jean Chretien, he is going to be the savior to Ignatieff, the Liberal messiah, etc etc.

But have you heard that he is a ladies man?

He must be because some of the ladies of the Liberal Party decided that they should give the new Liberal chief of staff some gifts to celebrate the appointment to his new job.

Caroline Bennett gave him some nice pamphlets on H1N1.

Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette gave him a complaint against Bob Fife and CTV that is so full of half truths and smear that the claim itself begs for a lawsuit from CTV.

And to be out done, Hedy Fry wanted to give Mr. Donolo the gift that keeps on giving: Entitlement. (an old favorite that Liberals everywhere are happy to receive) Being so much better than the common people that she was elected to serve, Hedy wants to make sure that Mr. Donolo, and herself, both get an H1N1 shot ahead of everyone else.

Something not seen in the above clip was that Dr. Caroline Bennett was standing beside Hedy at the time that she was announcing her gift for Donolo to the world. I can only take it that the good Dr's silence at the time was due to her realization that Fry had out gifted her and she was too busy thinking about how to top Hedy that she forgot to comment.

Don't worry Dr. Bennett; tomorrow is another day and you will get more chances to politicize the H1N1 issue for the new guy in the OLO.

Stay Classy Ladies.


A real ladies man?

or just one of the reasons the last Chief of Staff lost his job?

I am going with the latter.


fernstalbert said...

These clumsy mistakes are amusing from a certain perspective, however the cringe factor is so embarassing. The Liberals need direction not stunt drivers. A lot of fires to manage - can Donolo produce a disciplined party - look forward to his efforts. I think the Liberals have been freelancing for so long that they will not want to give it up for the sake of the party. Bad me, I enjoy rubbernecking at the scene of this self-inflicted, multiple Liberal pileup. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Iggy should mute Bob Rae, his H1N1 fear mongering is beginning to piss me off. Cheap political tricks at the expense of innocent Canadians.

Calgary Junkie said...

But, but, but ... they're a big tent party, encouraging open discussion, varied opinions, not like those other guys, under the thumb of control freak Harper, blah blah blah.

Lib MPs are more a group of independent agents than a team. Each is going to do and say what will help them get re-elected. (We first saw that when the NFLD-six broke ranks and sided with Danny over the budget vote). None of them are going to ride to electoral victory on Iggy's coat-tails, and they know it.

I can't see these loose-cannons being reigned in by a supposed nice guy like Donolo. What's he going to use for carrots and sticks ?

CanadianSense said...

I enjoyed them blaming gremlins for the press release.

MI is trying to buy more time by changing his back office.

It must be comforting to the leftovers who found out their boss prefers to use the trusted rumour mill and national TV to make changes.

Michael Harkov said...

He is a real nice guy, he used to work for Jean Chretien, he is going to be the savior to Ignatieff, the Liberal messiah....

I find it more than just a little ironic that Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal messiah that was brough back in order to save the Liberal party, himself needs a saviour in the form of an old Chretien Liberal crony-turned “impartial pollster”-now back to old Chretien Liberal (also Rae) crony again.

Shuffling the decks on the chairs of the Liberal Titanic just isn’t going to cut it, Liberal boys and girls. :D

maryT said...

When asked about the pink book he says, for working women, that is why we want early learning and daycare. Is he suggesting that working women need to go for early learning or should be in daycare.
If he thinks he is being sexy in this clip he is very wrong. And if he thinks he has gained any female voters he is very wrong.
Why would he lower himself to do that. Almost as bad as skinnydipping Rae.

Jeff said...

The Liberals continue to be in death-by-a-thousand-cuts mode. It's great to watch. But we must be vigilent because by my count, we're only at cut 556.

maryT said...

OT, just watched a replay of At Issue and the interview with Danielle Smith. Peter mentioned they had one MLA. Why has no one mentioned that Paul is not a rookie MLA, he served one full term, and was barely defeated last election.
He was very visible in our riding, and responded to most, if not all letters etc. His town halls and riding assoc meeting were well attended. And he remembers you. While busy campaigning in Calgary I left him a message that a long time supporter had passed away. Guess what, he come down for the funeral.