Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No longer using the name "Iffy"

Blog Policy Change: From this day forward I am going to try to refrain from calling Michael Ignatieff, Iffy.

It is not that I think it is a bad nickname, it is quite clever actually and the media has now even picked up on it, but rather I have stopped using it because I think that the nickname Iffy is giving too much credit to Michael Ignatieff.

He is not Iffy as Liberal leader. He is a complete disaster as leader of the Liberals and it should be obvious to everyone that Ignatieff is well beyond the point of just being Iffy.

Thank You,

The Management.


maryT said...

MI has named a new chief of staff, at least for today. Might he change his mind later this week, or next week.
Has he named a new francophone head of communications yet.
It was great to see Tom Clark with egg on his face yesterday, re announcements.
Will Davey now be used for the next dozen years as a Former chief of Staff for MI, like they do Flannagan.

wilson said...

Seeing as Ian Davey found out he was fired, on national tv,
and not from an actual person,
I doubt that he will be available for comment for awhile.

Delacourt suggests John Manley was behind Davey getting the boot.

Ardvark said...

Ok, I can see Denis Coderre happy, but what now?

Is Donolo going to clean house of the Rosedale gang?

This is better than the soaps.