Monday, October 05, 2009

Confusion reigns in the LPC.

Confusion continues to reign supreme in the Liberal Party of Canada.

First we have Ignatieff's claim last week that he would not appoint a new Quebec lieutenant. But his week that sound bite seems to have been tossed out the window as Ignatieff says that he will now name a new Quebec lieutenant. Chucker has the run down and it looks like the flip flop change of heart is due to Ignatieff's obvious confusion regarding the Quebec LP's constitution. For an author and alleged rabid reader he sure has a record for not reading political documents, including the LPC Constitution which he and the "Rosedale gang" trampled on in their hurry to get Ingatieff into Dion's OLO office.

Need more confusion?

Consider this little example: When Ignatieff said the following it seemed at the time to be quite clear "The Liberal party cannot support this government any further. We will hold Stephen Harper to account. We will oppose his government in Parliament." he reiterated this again just the other day when in the House Iffy read his non-confidence motion, but yesterday caucus president Marc Garneau indicated that this was not the case and that the Liberals will evaluate each vote in the House of Commons, and MP Alexandra Mendes agreed that there could be exceptions to categorical opposition to every Conservative bill.

Wow. What is going on over there?

Poor Iggy, when stories like this start showing up regularly in the MSM you know the jig is up.

An older example of Liberal confusion in action from the archives.



Bec said...

Let's play, "Name the floor crosser's". Wow!

Have these people, no shame? How have Canadian Liberals allowed this 'hour glass' party to continue? Every one of them should be hanging their head in shame with what they have actively supported this year.

Those that donated to support this mess, should have asked for a Bic lighter instead of a tax receipt.
The value of their support, up in smoke.

Ardvark said...

The Liberals are a mess and everyone knows it but those on the ever shrinking Ignatieff team. Although even they too must know the reality but just won't admit it.

maryT said...

If the liberal leader had not said all incumbents will not face nomination battles, how many of them would be re nominated if their riding associations had a say. Hedy Fry comes to mind as do many others.
Perhaps the lib voters in those ridings have to hold their nose and vote PMSH to get rid of them.
With the shortage of doctors, maybe all those doctors in the lib caucus should quit and start practicing again-if they could get patients.

Anonymous said...

This post highlights only the last in a long string of statements made by LIb. MP"s or high profile members that show the party is in disarray.

The key to all of this is discipline. Iggy and the Rosedale Gang have been unable to control the membership.MP's are able to say what they want without fear of reprisals.

Further, the motivation for such behaviour is probably self preservation. The logic is that an MP decides for him/herself that if
I continue the party line I will end up being turfed out on my ass.So, they defy the script and really say what is on their mind or what they think their electorate wants to here,party be damned.

Soccermom said...

I still think it's funny that Coderre and Cauchon think they have a chance to be PM one day. As if.

Anonymous said...

Stayed tuned to Power Play today at 3. Tom Clarke said new poll with large repercussions.

Jen said...

Did I miss something here?

these liberals are the same people who regularly say " we have lost confidence in the prime minister"

yet they want us to have confidence in them Lpoc.
Now that is a good one.

marie said...

Me thinks confusion reigns in the NDP house.

Have you forgotten that your leader Layton voted 79 times in the past year to bring the Reform/Con party down?

Bec, If anyone should be hanging their heads in shame, it is Jack Layton and the people like yourselves. Ardvack, if the liberals are in a mess, what do you think the NDP are? Layton knows that reality but you are to stubborn to admit that.

Canadians have lost confidence in the NDP and Jack Layton. Maybe all politions
Your leader is counting on his supporters memories. Face it, Layton is in politics for his own welfare and he'll do and say anything to remain there.

Now, whats your excuse for Layton supporting Harper right now over the EI issue that doesn't support the very people he says he fought so hard over.

You know, the NDP are losing the best opportunity they will ever have by siding with the Reform/Con party. Together, the NDP and Liberals could be an awfully strong force to rid Canadians of a Dictator like Canadians have to live with in what we currently have in Parliament.

Have you forgotten that it was the NDP who helped Harper win over a bogus lie in 2005?

Jen said...

Have you forgotten that it was the NDP who helped Harper win over a bogus lie in 2005?

Marie, what 'bogus lie' are you talking about?
As far as I know in 2005, it was Bloc Duceppe, Layton and Harper who all voted 'non confidence' against Paul Martin.

There was an election call which Stephen Harper won.

And another thing, the prime minister is not a dictator in any shape or form.

marie said...

Jen,in answer to your question, the year was 2006 and I quote

"It was different in 2006, when Layton actively got Harper elected by his behavior during the election campaign: alleging a phony Liberal scandal and getting the RCMP involved, as well as disproportionately attacking the Liberals while giving the Conservatives a free ride".

Have you forgotten this or is it selective memory? As for the Pm, he thinks he's a dictator, has been since day one and still is today.

Ardvark said...

Confusion seems to be the order of the day among Liberal trolls as well.

Marie, your dictator comment near the bottom should be enough to let the readers know that anything you write cannot be taken seriously but for good measure:

Jack Layton is not my leader.

41% in the polls is not something that will make myself or many other conservatives hang our heads.

The PM is running on his record, it is Ignatieff who is counting on his own supporters having NO memories or even a clue.

Does bogus lie = adscam?

When you say "bogus lie" is that meant to differentiate it from the non bogus lies?

Thucydides said...

Bogus Lie?

Isn't that the 1993 "Red Book" of Liberal campaign promises; never implemented despite 3 majority governments but trotted out for every election since 1993

Is it that bogus lie, or are there other ones like Shawinigate, the billion Dollar Boondoggle, non arms length sale of Canadian Steamship Lines (and tweaking of the tax code to exempt CSL from $700 million in income tax payments), or ADSCAM that you are speaking of?

maryT said...

How long before the LPOT realizes that they can't even form a decent opposition with just seats in TO and Que. How long before some libs decide that they are not running again, and finish their term as conservatives or in the case of Ujaal, NDP.
I think PMSH is just waiting till he has a majority in the Senate, to get his crime bills, and others thru.
If iffy had any smarts he would have made some decent remarks re the gala instead of falling on his face trying to make jokes.

jad said...

And more trouble in Paradise.

"But Judy Sgro, the immigration critic, said the Liberal party wants to come up with a more comprehensive approach to addressing pension issues."

Rich said...

Marie I have been reading your comments, and you keep mentioning a phony liberal scandal that Jack Layton promoted to justify defeating the Paul Martin government; could this scandal you are talking about be the income trust leak that Judy Wasychy-leis asked the RCMP to investigate, If it is, then it is no phony scandal, it did happen and there was a government bureaucrat within Ralph Goodales department of finance that profited from the income leak. If this is not the so called scandal please tell me which scandal.

Secondly you call the Prime Minister a dictator, maybe you should look at the antics of Chretien when he was in power and also look at him today, manipulating behind the scenes for Cauchon. and his manipulations during the ill-fated coalition with Ed Broadbent. That is tatamount to a coup d' tat.

marie said...

Does bogus lie = ad-scam?

When you say "bogus lie" is that meant to differentiate it from the non bogus lies?

Mon Oct 05, 05:38:00 PM

ArDvack, when are you guys going to grow up and quit trying to revive ad scam. For your information, there were Conservatives involved with that. Your leader is going to go down with his own Harper scan and then we will gloat and remind you for years to come.if you can't handle criticism you shouldn't have a blog which is based on opinions.

I have expressed my opinion such as you do which is what your blog is all about and its your blog, and your opinion as well as your readers. So if my opinion doesn't suit you or your readers which I have as much right to express as the lot of you do. If you don't like it, don't post it. It looks like I have wandered into Reform/Con blogging site and that's the end of me. Keep trying to convince each other because a lot of us will not be convinced of down right fibs. Goodbye. Have a nice blog.You can't argue with your own so that should make you happy.

Rich said...

Marie; your illogic knows no bounds, there were no Conservatives involved with adscam, matter of fact it was Stockwell Day that broke the first hint of adscam by unearthing the deal with Chretien in financing a golf course in Shawinigan. Adscam was Jean Chretien plan backed up by Alphonso Gagliano, Chuck Guite all liberal MP's or political apppointees. Not to mention |Chretiens chief of staff Jacque Correveau.

wilson said...

Awwwwe, sweet marie just had a meltdown,
likely happening to Liberal partisans all across Canada, it's a great time to be a Conservative!

But I can't let her Coalition of Losers comment go, unanswered.

''..Together, the NDP and Liberals could be an awfully strong force to rid Canadians of a Dictator like Canadians have to live with in what we currently have in Parliament....''

Chretien's Coalition of Losers killed the LPC.
It will be decades before the West will even consider forgiving the entire current bunch of Liberals.
And Ontario woke up one morning to a Liberal party signing an agreement to give Jack Layton a seat in cabinet and Duceppe a veto...the shock of which they can not forget.

And because of the attempted Coalition of Losers,
Canadians are on the cusp of giving a party a majority WITHOUT QUEBEC.
Yes, the Coalition of Losers shook loose the conservative movement in Canada......

cantuc said...

I had an uncle who was a liberal . He was also a famous bullshitter . Liberals tell the same lie to themselves 3 times . Then they have a nap . When they wake up they remember the lie but forget where they heard it . Then they accept it as truth and try and pass it on . Sometimes it works as you can tell .

Ardvark said...

Thanks for contributing to my post on "Confusion" in the LPC Marie. You illustrate the point perfectly.