Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Back!

It's back!

More of the same from the Liberals but this time at least Ignatieff is being up front with his big government tendencies. "The federal government is Canada's biggest employer, biggest landlord and biggest consumer of goods and services."

If that statement does not scare you as a taxpayer, nothing will.

Government does not create wealth Mr. Ignatieff, and if you have not yet figured that out you have no business in control of the money hardworking Canadians pay in taxes.

Speaking of cutting edge investment.

A Liberal speaks out on Ignatieff's bluster.


Anonymous said...

Sorry AA, but you are wrong.

Liberal government creates wealth for friends of the Liberal party.

Ardvark said...

Damn, you got me. Unlike Ignatieff I will admit my error and not try to re-write history.

Jen said...

You're correct Anonymous 11:01AM

Have you notice the shock on Tom Clark's face everytime he hears the 'amount' of $$$$$$ the prime minister is spending. Especially to areas where the liberals should have attended too but neglected to do so.

Seems to me the 'shock' is because the liberals will not be getting the Billions of dollars.

Apparently Tom is not horrified at the millions of dollars the liberals took from canadians.

wilson said...

Liberal governments re-distribute wealth, turning winners into losers,
and losers into winners.

The winners and losers are easily picked out,
just look where Liberals don't win seats....that's where the Liberals have made their biggest withdrawals for redistribution, from the Bank of Western Canadians.....

wilson said...

And would Tom Clark also be shocked to learn that this government spending in 2009 is actually LESS than in the same period for 2008?

So those shovel's in the ground today, were budgeted for in 2008.
This government was waaaaaay ahead of the curve, and started preparing for the downturn in 2007.

And if you take the time to read this very very very good bit of journalism (all 8 pages) by Andrew Coyne,
you will realize just what an excellent job this government has done to learn, prepare and hold the line on panic, all during a federal election, no less.

Bec said...

Great link, wilson. I continue to wonder though, why Coyne attracts so many ranting Liberal partisans.

This article deserves some intellectual debate and yet you still get the idiot Bush bashers and those that brush the investment industry with the same brush as Fannie Mae and the gang.

Great, great post, AA. The link to John Laforet was a terrific bonus!

wilson said...

Coynes account of what transpired over the last 3 years, in the great melt down,
should be a kick off for that 'adult debate'.

Taking it to an 'adult debate' level is not in the Liberals best interest.
They must have their thinkers conference in January, until then, no thinking on their agenda.

So we will continue to watch the media try to draw Canadians into low intellectual 'top stories'...

Iffy talks about thinking thoughts on 'clean energy';
while the Harper Government is partnering with provinces (Alberta) who have already,
years ago, wrestled with the clean energy issue,
and came up with solutions....

Solutions, a plan, objectives...not just thinking about it.

Jen said...

Wilson Wed Oct 14, 11:25:00 AM,

Tom Clark is not the type to question the liberals on their corruption but questions the conservatives for doing what must be done.
It goes to show you how un-inform Clark is or pretends to be, for the 'sake of the LPOC.

wilson said...

haha, Iffy is a decade too late, as usual.
from Russ Campbell blog:

''Canada highly rated in improving energy efficiency

PARIS -- Canada shouldn't be portrayed as derelict in the fight to reduce climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions, the International Energy Agency said here Wednesday..''

maryT said...

Danielle wins the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aardvark, I am looking for your post on the following.

Can you send it to me? I am interested in what you had to say? Do you know when the Red and the Black will be published? I am told it will be a massive shocker. Love your site and have added you to my favs.

Ardvark said...

I was meaning to post on the WRA Mary but the flu took my will to blog away for a few days last week.

maryT said...

Hope it wasn't H1N1. We get the flu shot today, not the H1N1 shot. I don't think we will get that one.

Anonymous said...

By the way AA, PM was at the Canadienvs VS OTTawa hockey game in Montreal game promoting his logo 'Consevative Harper'

OM where's the media how can this be a big C with an H in the middle on a montreal hockey uniform.
PARTISAN PARTISAN PARTISAN- this can't be happening. How dare the montreal hockey team in a liberal city ever have such a conservative logo. Remove remove the logo quick.

AA, look for that photo from yesterdays edmonton sun on sports section.