Friday, October 09, 2009

Ignatieff. All Class.

The real Mr. Angry.

He can't even drop the act for 1 second to say something nice or respectful. The man truly has no class.

As pointed out in the comments: With Ignatieff it is all about him as he gets the words wrong and uses the word "I" in place of "you": "What would I do if I sang out of tune".

h/t Hunter

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update: Sing along @ Platty's

and another reaction from Mr. Angry, Michael Igntaieff.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was appalling. I don't care what your political stripe, when an opponent does something remarkable, and Stephen Harper's performance at the NAC, was nothing if not remarkable, as a leader, you show some damn grace.

What a small, small man this is. This is somebody who believes he can preach 'Canadian Values' to us? No, he's got nothing to teach us. Some of our spoiled brat professional hockey players show more grace under pressure when they lose a game.

He's a creep and I'd be embarrassed to call him my party leader. Liberals, you made a terrible, terrible choice.

rightful said...

guess the war room ass-kicking advice is not as great as once thought eh Iggy ? - the 24/7 non-stop slagging of a wonderful, smart, family-oriented PM , who puts the country first, and delivers, is NOT the way to get elected, especially for the regional party of Toronto - duh !

Agent Smith said...

Bad form old stick. It appears the Iggy hasn't matured beyond high school.

Jack Layton by contrast had the generosity of spirit to recognize and praise the performance.

CanadianSense said...

Jack Layton responded with kind words.

MI let his true feelings about Harper. MI is a very upset that the CPC have effectively framed him as an out of touch snob.

MI find the General Election results hard to sustain. He was promised the job of PM. MI is not a patient person.

MI believes an election will change the result.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff's version " what would I do if I sang out of tune

Prime Minister's version " what would you do if I sang out of tune

interesting more Ignatieff I me


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... Mr Ignatieff just had to pick a song with "I" in it.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

How's that adult conversation going Iggy?

Ardvark said...

"What would I do if I sang out of tune"

Nice catch on Iggy changing the words and using "I" instead of 'you'.

cantuc said...

Damn , he makes grade 3, snot nosed ,curtain climbing , sandwich grabbing rugrats look intelligant .

Platty said...

It is now very clear that the Liberals could not have hand picked anyone who is more out of touch with Canadians than Ignatieff.

Next victim please...... ;0)


hunter said...

Thanks for the H/T AA! No wonder the media covered those clips up!

Anonymous said...

The Fool on the Hill.

Ardvark said...

Hunter I read the MSM reports on Iggy singing and thought nothing much of it, but after seeing it, thanks to your blog, the petulance of Ignatieff is quite clear.

I don't need a woman's intuition to know that this guy is a dud.