Friday, October 02, 2009

Today's Liberal Press Conference in Montreal.

Sources close to the Liberal Party have revealed to me that they are planning a press conference later today condemning the fabled NHL team, the Montreal Canadians, for this logo.
According to my source (Thanks Hedy) not only does the "C" look remarkably like the "C' on the current line up of Olympic apparel , the "H" in the middle obviously stands for "Harper".

Here is how it will go down:

There is expected to be plenty of outrage.

The media will cover it all, including the event getting live coverage on the 24hr networks.

Not one member of the media will state the obvious and call the Liberals out on how they are not only treating the media like morons with this ridiculous spin but also treating the general public the same way, and if we are really lucky Tom Clarke may make a snide little remark about lawsuits while saying nothing to the obvious spin feeding this joke of a story coming from the pundits sitting right in front of him.

Charlie Angus will again make an ass of himself.

Gayle and Ted will spin this as a show of party unity and a positive for Ignatieff.

The Liberals will lose more votes from people sick and tired of being treated as fools by a political party constantly playing these types of games, while telling you with a straight face they are not.

Bloggers will within a matter of hours of the presser, have exposed both of the Liberal deceit and the press that give the Liberals a free platform for their spin without challenge, for the dupes they are.

The Liberal Party will act as if nothing happened as no apology will be forthcoming from the Liberals or their strategists for smearing the Montreal Canadians, the HBC and all of the designers and employees involved, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and our athletes, (That is a lot of people but when the Liberals smear they do so with wide brush.) and no apology will be forthcoming from the Liberals to the people of Canada for playing politics with the Olympics and again treating us as all as fools.

The media will wonder why they are losing customers and revenue.

Update: More Proof from the Liberals. Come on Mr. Harper, it is like you are loading the gun for them. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hedy got the scandal wrong. What is really at issue is the obvious decline in our creative design community as the direct result of lack of funding to advertising firms and their logo designers.

The Harper government has mercilessly denied brown envelopes to major advertising firms. Without this funding, our best and our brightest design teams have lost their ability to provide all Canadians with symbols that reflect our true values - money for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Well done.

hunter said...

Super post! The H stands for Harper...too funny!

Irwin said...

Future Liberal Private Member Bills...

-Remove the "C" from the jersey of the Captain of any hockey team?

-Change the alphabet to "A B D E F G H...."?

-Ask the Calgary Flames to change their logo as well?

-Change the grading system in schools - the "C" becomes an "L".

-Make the "C" in "Canada" silent, change it to "L", or remove it all together - "Anada".

Fay said...

What a scandal! Tommy is an idiot, who no doubt grew up in Rosedale.

caz said...

OMG that is so incredibly funny and accurate. ANYONE who sees this as a legitimate complaint is devoid of ANY GREY MATTER whatsoever. THIS IS JUST GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!! H stands for Harper???? I can't stand it...good one Ardvark!

Ardvark said...

Caz, that "GREY MATTER" comment does not say much for the media, that continue to cover this stuff, does it.

caz said...

It doesn't say much for the media I agree...but I'm secretly hoping they keep covering the Hedy's of this country...I have to hope...perhaps wrongly, that this can only help the CPC. Please tell me people aren't falling for this!!! Please.

Sammy said...

OH MY GAWD! I just realized (and the msm like cbc hasn't pointed this out) doesn't Olympics start with the letter O? Isn't the POTUS's first initial O? Olympics/'s a socialist plot for Obama to take over the Olympics isn't it???Conspiracy theories abound..where's the outrage?

wilson said...

lol, H is for Harper!

and in other news, from comments at Chuckers

at the very bottom of a TorStar article:

''The Angus Reid/Toronto Star poll showed the Conservatives at 37 per cent, Liberals at 27 per cent and the NDP at 17.

The poll of 1,000 Canadians was done Tuesday and Wednesday and is considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times in 20.''

37:27 folks.....

maryT said...

Isn't the maple leaf a part of the liberal logo, so get rid of the maple leaf on the logo. How long before the HBC stands for Harper Business Consortium.
I would like the Olympic Committe to pull coverage of the games from the CTV, and say any coverage in Canada will be done via an American network.
I will not watch ctv coverage.
And if Chicago gets the games in 2016, is it because Olympics and Obama start with O.

Sammy said...

BREAQKING NEWS: Chicago OUT in first round of O loses a big one!

"Expert" Tom said...

Now everytime I see that logo I will think of the Conservatives. Do the Liberals and NDP really understand how much they are helping the Conservatives with this? Cons get free advertising everytime someone wheres that logo now and no one can blame them for doing it on purpose as it was designed independently by HBC.

Calgary Junkie said...

Alberta Ardvark hits the airwaves ! Rutherford reads out some of AA's posting, near the end of his rant against the Libs for politicizing the Olympics.

Listen Here

Bring up Fri, Oct 2nd @ 9:48 AM

Anonymous said...

What are we going to call the CbC?? Would they be happy with LbL??
Rob C

Ardvark said...

I may have made Rutherford but Wilson has made National News Watch as the originator of the term Iffy!!

roblaw said...

Shit - you are on fire this week.

More spilled coffee on my shirt, you bastard.

maryT said...

If H stands for Harper, does that mean Hedy (which starts with H) is really a Harper supporter. Or is she now going to spell er name edy.
Can't use the H or C anymore.
Couldn't be happier the O lost his obamalympics.

Anonymous said...

Club de Hockey, Charlie Hodge, Charlie Harper, or Conservative Harper, it is all a BRILLIANT rebuttal for that ridiculous Olympic symbol fiasco! WELL DONE, Aardvark!