Monday, October 19, 2009

BC Teachers, Wildrose, Ogopogologogate

I was out with the flu for a couple of days and need to catch up on a few thoughts.

So the BC Teachers union invites their members to the following event. "Teaching 2010 Resistance," aimed at developing ways to teach children about the dark side of the Olympic Games, to be held Oct. 28 at Lord Strathcona Elementary, is being organized by the Olympic Resistance Network and, which calls itself "a collaborative website for teachers to post and find resources for teaching the 2010 Winter Olympics from a critical perspective."

If the BCTF's claims that this is not political agenda, but rather just an exercise in critical thinking are to be believed, then when can we expect to see the BCTF invite their members to teaching seminars on such topics as objections to gay marriage, or why global warming may just be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on man kind take place? This reeks.


It is not all bad for Ed Stelmach; now when he is nervously looking over his shoulder he gets to see Danielle Smith right behind him rather than David Swann. Hey Swanny, all it would take would be a couple and BOOM, you are out of that cozy OLO office. Be careful.


Ogopogologogate! Copyright The Alberta Ardvark 2009. More political games and faux scandal from from the Liberals.

How much will one picture cost? No really. What will be the total cost, paid for by the taxpayers of Canada, to proceed with all of the investigations that the Liberals are now asking for:
  • the Liberals have filed dozens of complaints with the ethics commissioner,
  • they have asked Elections Canada to begin an investigation,
  • they have asked the Public Service Commission to investigate,
  • and, the Liberals have requested that the auditor general investigate

over something that the PM has already said was wrong and will not happen again. The overplay on this may backfire on the Liberals because it re-enforces the notion of the Liberals playing political games; but hey, that's just me thinking out loud.

The public is tired of this crap from all the parties. Do your fricking MP jobs and re-write the rules so we don't have ANY PARTY doing this in the future and stop playing expensive games of gotcha with my money.


maryT said...

Great question, how much will all these faux scandal investigations cost. What did the Brian fiasco cost us. He is still walking amongst us.
KHS is in jail, in Germany. Where are the investigations re those quebec liberals who got megatons of taxpayer money.
Every time libs try these tricks it just reminds us all of adscam, shawinigate, and so many other real theft of our money. And, if voters think it is the conservative money being doled out, what a saving to the taxpayer money.
Thanks go to all our donors for being so caring.
Has iffy ever given money to his party.
What do the liberals want, all the money returned, fat chance of that. Do they want the economy to fail?
Maybe they are upset that these presentations do not state, thanks to the threat of a coalition, this money is available.
Where is the ethics investigation into Paplogate re asking fed questions from the cbc. Was JC investigated for ordering the pepper spraying, or attempting to strangle a protester.
I am sure someone somewhere is searching the net for all examples of the libs doing the same thing. And Nanos is the guy who designed the PR campaign to give the liberals, not the government credit for things.

wilson said...

The Canadian Press eager beavers have sent massive amounts of 'access to info' requests, re the cost of everything this government does.
Like how much did it cost for the town hall event for the last Iffy demanded stupid 'report card'.

I look forward to The Canadian Press delving into the cost to sent Iffy and Rae to China,
on a Seinfeld mission, that is just a photo-op!!

And how about those un-named reporters for The Canadian Press give us the cost of the Senators excursions across the planet!

gimbol said...

I've been beating this drum since the liberal chest beating and wailing began.

If the talking point is about how its wrong that tax pyer dollars are being "used" for partisan exceptions right...then would the PM find enough opposition support if he tabled a confidence motion to end that $1.95 per vote subsidy, or would the liberals suddenly find themselves in a corner over the propect of an election nobody wants?
Tough choice huh?
Fight an election on tax payer funding if neccessary or not neccessarily tax payer funding.

Jen said...

The LPOC and their do not want to progress in life; they just want to remain in their little world.
They are afraid that the their liberal voters will wake up to reality that the sing song which they have been hearing from the LPOC daily "Mulroney left us with a deficit that's why we had to make serious cuts" will not fly anymore especially when they liberal voters find out that it was TRUDEAU who left MULRONEY with a huge debt.

The MSM do want the conservative government to fall at any cost doesn't matter what it takes to do.
To the NATIONAL MEDIA(CBC CTV PPG PP QP. are more interested in the LPOC than they are in Canada.