Saturday, October 24, 2009

MSM Irony and Advertising.

Have you watched a Canadian television station or been to a web site for CTV, Global, or a local station lately? Do you remember seeing this ad or one like it?

My guess is that the answer is yes and that you are aware of the campaign by local TV to get money from the cable companies or local TV may disappear due to a lack of money.

Have read in the print media or watched these same networks/stations as some talking head, who is being paid by those stations, rants on about stimulus spending and the amount of money that is being spent on advertising implying that it must be part an evil conservative plot?

My guess again is that the answer is yes.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the media, all media including print, are complaining about how desperate they are for funds during the economic slowdown in one breath and in the very next they repeat Liberal smear and are slamming the millions being spent by the federal government on buying advertising in the MSM and are essentially slamming what could be called MSM stimulus package! The very same ad dollars that might be keeping them afloat.

Quick, somebody call Alanis.

I was going to suggest that maybe the government should follow the wishes of the various MSM outlets that complain the loudest about the advertising spending and cut it off to those outlets, but media manipulation and punishment is something better suited for the vindictive left then it is for our government, but that is what the MSM is asking for is it not?


Joe said...

On a slightly related note. Does anyone actually watch local TV? I avoid it like the plague. The network promises more local programming and all they come up with is a different set from which they read the news and spread gossip.

Agent Smith said...

I've been vaguely aware of their commercials from both sides crying the blues. Cable companies versus broadcasters all vying for our sympathy.

Too bad so sad.

Bec said...

If the cable companies lose, I want the option to choose EVERY network that I am prepared to support.
Canadian networks will be the first to go!
There is nothing 'local' about them and I receive better and more responsive information from the radio format or on-line than I do from the publicly declared, self important, Canadian networks.

As for the hypocritical network/print personalities complaining about the various advertising initiatives, I say, "you may ONLY have a job because of the stimulus money spent on advertising with your network. If I was you, I'd look past your nose and try for a minute to line up those brain cells and THINK before you speak"

Anonymous said...

I think that you would find that the opinions of the MSM boardrooms differ greatly from those of the on air personalities talking up the Liberal talking points.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched local TV in years, if I want local news I go on line or read the local free paper. As far as I am concerned the Cable and Satellite companies can package up local TV and sell it to customers ... I'd like to opt out.

Ardvark said...

The cable companies do have it quite well. They get the local programming for free and charge the customer for this privilege whether they want it or not; and now that rabbit ears have gone the way of the dodo they have more customers than ever before.

Not bad for a business model is it?

Bec said...

o/t AA but the irony of the media closing comments was astonishing to me!

Bec said...

AA @ 7:57
That is all in the interpretation.

Where are the profits from their advertisers? Why are they not frustrated competing with CBC, a TAXPAYER supported competitor? Come on, there is way more to this story!
Did you hear Dave R on Friday?

maryT said...

How much money will the networks get with the new ads running to support getting rid of the gun registry.
How will that vote go on Nov 4, will the libs vote yes or no, who will support the government. The PM says it will be a close vote due to the vacancies. Ads are being targetted in rural ridings where support to abolish it is quite high.
Wasn't it the cbc that refused to carry a conservative ad a while ago.
The PM is not the only one who doesn't watch cdn news.

Jen said...

Oh how I wish for a FOX LIKE NEWS CHANNEL in Canada. Look what's happening in the states; FOX is gaining respect and the ratings are going through the roof. Now I wonder why?(scarc).
Can you imagine FOX CANADA ripping the national media to shreds for manipulaing the public. Can you envisision the ratings on this station after the public hear and see what the liberals did to them but was not heard on CBC CTV etc ?
I very rarely listen to the national media as the saying goes "one size fits all," meaning one national media smears the conservatives other national media do the same."

And these television stations have the nerve to ask for more funding. What for? to repeat the same story everyday.