Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 Things.

1. Those female Liberal MP's sure say the nastiest things: pg 24 of the LPC Pink Book "Under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, women are increasingly at risk for domestic abuse and violence." Pure politically motivated partisan bunk from a group where many already are very familiar with fake outrage. Apologies are in order IMHO.

2. The comparison of the use of those giant novelty cheques to Adscam. We have all seen the comments from desperate Liberals claiming this comparison but come on; the 2 are not even close. Adscam involved intentional deception for the purpose of the outright theft of taxpayer dollars for a political party. With 'chequegate' there was no real deception, which is really hard to do with giant cheques whose sole purpose in life is to be photographed at public events, and the purpose was to tell Canadians where their tax dollars were being spent. Only an idiot would believe the comparison, speaking of which this is Another epic fail from the Liberal war room.

3. The Liberal claim of partisanship with infrastructure money being spent in CPC held ridings. More spin but with this claim the Liberals are not only smearing the conservatives but also smearing the many federal bureaucrats who have worked very diligently on this file as well as those in all of the other levels of government involved with deciding where the money gets spent, including Ontario’s infrastructure minister George Smitherman who has called BS on these Liberal claims. Also of note here is the fact that since most of the Liberal ridings are in the GTA perhaps the reason that they are not getting as much money for rinks etc is that under the leadership of Mayor David Miller the liberal utopia that he built does not require the money. You can't improve on perfection now can you Liberals? (sarcasm off)

Update:The Federation of Canadian Municipalities pipes in supporting the government."I personally have not heard anything about a conspiracy or the fact that perhaps the money was going to the wrong ridings for the wrong reasons," The FCM has not had any experience with that at all."

More of the same this time from the T Star.

4. Just visiting Liberal leader and expert on torture Michael Ignatieff gets his facts wrong in Arar case. This was too funny not to make it into today's post, but in Ignatieff's defense he was out of the country at the time this occurred, under a Liberal Government no less.

Updated with Video of George Smitherman debunking the Liberal spin.


CanadianSense said...

Is MI done messing with Harper yet?

I am not sure how much more the CPC can take.

Great post again.

Philanthropist said...

Are Liberal husbands beating their wives because their crooked friends are not in power? Is there anything else that could be the basis for her claim?

CanadianSense said...

Unlikely, just another tall tale from Narnia.

I am concerned about the Liberals returning to power with the latest disclosure by MI that Arar was sent to Syria by the Chretien Liberals for torture.

Anonymous said...

"there was no real deception, which is really hard to do with giant cheques whose sole purpose in life is to be photographed at public events"

This obvious point has been missed by the journalists in this country.

wilson said...

Arar 4.
The pointy shoes in Iffy's place really messed up, eh.
Now had Iffy actually lived in Canada the last couple of decades,
he wouldn't have to depend on pointy shoes (or is that pointy heads) to write his 'opinions' in areas that are supposed to be his expertise.

Ardvark said...

And didn't Don Martin write today that Ignatieff was having a good week?

A few more weeks like this and even Harvard won't take him back.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are hoping that women are stupid and will vote for them even when they blatantly lie. What chutzpah! (real conservative)