Monday, September 29, 2008

More Liberal Smear = Business as usual.

Dion stands by while one of his MP's smears the Prime Minister. Maybe he is waiting to consult with some women's council or other such group before making his move.

"Stephen Harper does not really like 52%of the population, which is women," Toronto Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi told the rally, sparking a chant of "boot him out.

The campaign of fear is strong in this one as the desperation weighs heavy.

The original quote can be found in this National Post story , but for some real fun you have to check out some of what Dion said about Jack Layton and the NDP platform. He does a good job of describing the damage that would be done to our economy if the Green Shift the NDP platform was implemented.

"The NDP can promise you the moon but they are trying to buy your votes with monopoly money," Mr. Dion declared, "They want to pay for all their promises by increasing the burden on our economy."

"It will put at risk the stock market because the stock market is expecting to see these corporate tax cuts to come. It will put at risk Canadians savings, RESPs, pensions."
(And the Green shift is different how Stephane?)

He also noted that Manitoba NDP Premier Gary Doer and former Saskatchewan NDP premier Lorne Calvert had cut corporate taxes to create jobs.
(Careful Stephane; McGuinty might hear you)

Dion also branded Jack Layton an "old-fashioned socialist" with a "job killing" electoral platform.
(Dion actually called someone a socialist; hahaha. This stuff writes itself.)


NB Tory Lady said...

As we get into the final moments of the campaign expect a lot more of this...
Sheila Copps has been interrupting anyone who tries to make a point on CTV circuit of late, and looks terribly unhappy.

Alberta Girl said...

I expect every smear and dirty trick that worked in the past to be pulled out. We might even see "guns in our streets".

Given the dip in the Tory numbers over the weekend; they could be thinking it is working - and knowing how many Canadians seem quick to buy into the "scary Harper" meme; it very may well be working. Sigh.

jckirlan said...

Screachin' Shelia Copps. UHGGG. And you wonder why Martin pushed her out! I noticed the same. What an annoying person.

caz said...

I could be wrong but it backfired when martin tried it and I figure the screaching from all parties will be deafening in the weeks o come. I predict it will backfire because it'll get over the top and will just plain not be credible. The electorate is starting to show signs of wearyness already. Harper will be sharp,focussed and very convincing the night of the debates. Can't Wait!!