Monday, September 15, 2008

The Green Party and the mistake that no amount of spin can change.

Most of you are aware of the saga of NDP blogger Buckdog last week but for those that are not here is a short highlight reel that starts when blogger Stephen Taylor posts an old video clip on YouTube of Elizabeth May saying that she thinks Canadians are stupid.

Buckdog like many other bloggers also posts the video on his site.

John Bennett, Director of Communications Green Party of Canada threatens Buckdog with legal action , from both himself and although not authorised to do so, TVO, in a very poorly written and spelling mistake laden email claiming that the video was slanderous.

Stephen Taylor clarifies the video has not been doctored and so does TVO.

John Bennett does apologize, but just can't help but add a little spin to help save his leader. (Bolding mine) "In the TVO clip, Elizabeth May clearly says "they" think Canadians are stupid, referring to the opinions of some politicians. She then turns to the questioner and agrees with HIS assessment that a carbontax is essential. No spin can change that."

Elizabeth May again goes on TVO and must think Canadians really are stupid because she tries to tell Canadians that she actually said "disagree"rather than "agree". I have yet to find a single person who believes this claim.

Which leaves us with this last thought on this subject: If May did say disagree rather than agree, what should one make about what Mr. Bennett had stated in his apology email "She then turns to the questioner and agrees with HIS assessment that a carbontax is essential. No spin can change that."

Someone is making stuff up on the fly at the Green Party, and John, no spin can change that.

Update: May changes her story yet again.

Hey, Elizabeth;it's not the crime that gets you, it's the cover-up.


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Anonymous said...

humans in general are not too bright, so no big surprise. we let governments opt out of one of their most important duties of creating a mostly benign money supply so the population is not sucked into a private banking scam where debt can never be repaid. no other species is handicapped in this way. everything we need to do requires payment in a medium that is mathematically flawed. if there was an air-bank, we would all be promising 11 exhales for every 10 inhales.

notice that growing up playing monopoly, the bank gives the players the money to play and no one gets a benefit from being the compare that to the real way a bank operates. how often would you play monopoly if one of the players (not you) got to be the bank every time and charged you interest every time you passed GO and got to play as an regular player in the game. how many times would you play before you realized the game is fixed and you can never win? Then think about how the monetary system is not even part of the discussion.
Stupid doesn't even come close

bertie said...

actually this will get deleted,but i would have you arrested.Your idea is very dangerous in a free country.It is the idea of a party that is so corrupt and needs to get it,s hands on the public purse again.And you should be ashamed for even thinking of screwing around with the electoral system.