Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Liberal Party of Canada.

Dear Liberal Party of Canada:

Stop trying to take away all of my hard earned money and please stop telling me what to do and how to live my life.

You are not better than me, and just the fact that you believe that you are and that somehow you know better how to live my life than myself is enough of a reason why you should never be returned to power in this country.

Thank you,



Alberta Girl said...


Solenadon said...


Coming from a person who supports a party that believes exactly what he's decrying...that they are better than others and wish to tell people how to run their lives.

As for that "Hard earned money", how much of that "hard earned money" comes from sitting on a pool of black goo?

Manuel said...

Yep, because living in Alberta means 100% of our population works in the oil patch, their is no other Industry or possible employment opportunity outside of the patch....Everytime I read some dumbass comment I end up donating to the CPC....with the election just starting I'll be declaring bankruptcy by tomorrow....

Alberta Girl said...

Solenadon - what a stupid statement - it really does show your ignorance of anything to do with Alberta.

Please expand on your statement as to just how the Conservative party "tells people how to run their lives"?

Seems to me the party of beer and popcorn is more interested in having the people lay back and be boinked by the government and say thank you afterwards. Do you not realize that most conservatives - even in Alberta - do not advertise the fact they are conservatives because of the fact that if there is a liberal anyway within earshot you are assailed with a barrage of anti-Harper rhetoric. So don't even begin to try to pull the wool over our eyes that the left do not think they are better, wiser, more tolerant, more open, more generous, smarter and care more than Tories.

As for the hard earned money from the black goo - that statement shows your ignorance and your stupidity.

I await your list of reasons.

Chester Drawers said...

Do not hold your breath waiting for answers. When confronted with facts the leftards scamper back to the little holes they crawl out of.

If you want people to change, give them direct financial incentives, aka tax breaks that are substantive, not tax them to make them change. I have to heat my home in the winter and according to Deyawn and the Libranos that is a bad thing. Never occurded to me that keeping my house warm for my family was evil.

This is nothing more than a new NEP to take that black goo money out of Alta. and Sask. and send it east. Nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I see CC has linked to your post. Good job!

You can now expect about 10 hits from a blog alledged to be near the top of the Canadian blogging world.

Ardvark said...

You got me solenadon. Yup, Hands on big government and grand do nothing social policy is the definition of conservative. Oh, and I forgot one more thing; tax hikes, conservatives like lots of tax hikes.

As for that big goo you like to put down; did you know that the goo field employs more people outside of Alberta than inside? I guess not.

Ardvark said...

Anon, I read about this phenomenon on another blog not long ago but I couldn't really comment since I haven't had a link from CC in some time.

So I took a look at my numbers today and note that CC had sent a whopping 21 visitors my way.

Odd, because I do that or better with most of my outlinks, yet I get less than 10% of his traffic numbers.

Anonymous said...

These "Conservatives" (and I use the word loosely) had spending increases these past 2.5 years that outpaced those of the Liberals. Who's spending all your money again?

And perhaps these "conservatives" won't try to run your life directly. Instead they give that power over to private corporations, by writing and passing such legislation as bill C-61, which would make it a $20,000 offense to copy your own CD over to your iPod for your own personal use.

These "conservatives" promise senate reform, no more partisan appointed senators. But that only lasted one day before they appointed a friend and campaign manager to a senate position, even though Fortier could have been put in the cabinet without that (except then he wouldn't get the paycheque, perks, and pension of a senator)

These "conservatives" promised me sovereignty in the arctic with a fleet of fighting capable ice-breakers.. that got turned into non-ice-breaking coastal supply ships, that eventually got cancelled. Yeah, I'm sure America and Russia *really* respect our claim to the arctic now.

These "conservatives" raised my income taxes so that I could save a couple cents on a listeria infected sandwich.

These "conservatives" break their own promises regularly and have no shame in trying to shift their election expenses to take more of my tax dollars into their party coffers.

Let's be honest. These guys aren't conservative in anything but name. What they really are is Liberals in blue suits.

Solenadon said...

First off...Manuel: I was thinking of that great Con named Klein who had a tendency to buy votes with cheques while claiming it was a reward for Alberta's hard work.

The hard work of sitting on a pool of black goo.

Alberta girl....I applaud your BS. For the last 2+ years I've been barraged with Con Propaganda while watching as they performed their program cuts and broke promises.

Especially their promise of fixed election dates. And in case your planning to claim that this bill did not cover minority governments...why wasn't that specified ih the bill, hmmm?

As for "anit-Harper" rhetoric...just who has been barraging the country with anti-Dion rhetoric, hmmm? Not a leader indeed.

It seems hypocritical of you to condemn the opposition for doing something you indulge in yourself.

Seems the Con mantra is "what's good for me is not for you".

Okay ardy, what so-called "do nothing" social programs did you have in mind? Let me guess, program's that actually help people, perhaps?

And while the last "anonymous" pretty much covers what I would have said, he did make on crucial mistake in the last paragraph. They are not "Liberals in blue suits". The are Conservatives. Always have been, always will be.

Ardvark said...

The conservatives have cut income taxes to there lowest levels since the late 1950, and this does not include the GST cut. The spending increases you speak of did not come from increasing my taxes but from existing money. Oh and the took about 35 billion of that money and paid down our debt saving us all at least 135 million in interest a year.

As for the do nothing social programs, isn't this the 4th attempt now by the Liberals to eliminate child poverty? They did so well the last 3 times we should let them solve this problem again.

Ya right.